iROAR... do you?

iROAR vs. Banner, what's the difference?

Banner is the software that is being implemented at Clemson. This project is implementing new procedures to take place, such as a paperless admissions process, a new portal for student access, electronic check handling, campus room inventory, financial aid scholarship packaging, loan processing, graduation requirement tracking, and more. In the spring of 2012, students were asked to vote on a name for the new SIS Web. iROAR was voted number one and will be the replacement name for the Banner Software once it is implemented in the fall of 2013.

I have a blank window that has the title Oracle Fusion Middleware Forms Service but I cannot close the window, how do I close?

Click on the initial Browser window and then click the back button.

When I go to the Banner site, Java starts, I see the login page, enter my ID/PW but get a blank screen or ID/PW error - what do I do?

You may need to contact Banner Support to get your password reset.

I'm able to connect to Banner on my desktop PC but NOT able to connect on my Laptop, what is the problem?

You must run VPN to connect to Banner via a wireless connection.

When I try to connect to Banner I get an error about Java, what do I need to do?

Java RE (Runtime Environment) is REQUIRED to access Banner. Java version 6 is currently supported on Windows but Java 7 is NOT currently supported. On a Mac (OS-X), Java is supplied by Apple.

I'm attempting to connect to Banner using Firefox but keep getting an error about a plug-in, what do I need to do?

Banner only supports Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows; other browsers may or may not work correctly. On a Mac, Safari is the primary browser, but again, other browsers may work.

I'm attempting to login to Banner but I get an ID/PW error (or blank screen after entering my ID/PW). I'm using my Novell Login and password that works on other campus systems, what is the problem?

The Banner ID/PW is NOT currently synchronized with other campus systems (although it will be in the future), you must use the ID/PW that was given to you by Banner Support or your instructor.

I changed my password and now I can't login to Banner, what happened?

You might have used a special character in your password; currently special characters are NOT allowed in your Banner password.

When I go to the Banner site using VPN over wireless I get an error that Registry.dat is missing.

Newer versions of Java (version 7) can cause this error. Try going back to Java SE version 6 or try connecting with a wired connection.

When trying to get to Banner, I can’t get to the initial Banner Development site at all ( – my browser just times out. 

If you are on campus and wireless OR you are off Campus, you’ll need to run VPN before attempting to connect.