iROAR... do you?

1.      When will the transition from the old SIS to iROAR be complete?                             
 The implementation is being completed in phases. Below is the current timeline:
July 2012 Admissions Portal
  February 2013 Financial Aid
  March 2013 Course catalog and schedule
  March/April 2013 Registration
  July 2013 Student Financial Services
August 2013 Academic History  
  October 2013 Degree Works

 2.      How is the new XID different from the old CUID?
The new XID number is a way to consolidate a student’s identities into one within the new system. XID stands for Cross Identification Number.
Clarify the difference in the CUID and the XID: 

  • CUID: You will use your original CUID number when working with administrators for terms prior to fall 2013 (spring 2013 and summer 2013). 
  • NEW XID: This unique number (C12345678) will be used to register for fall 2013 classes and all future terms. It is listed on your new TigerOne card.

3.      When will academic records from the legacy system switch over to iRAOR regarding Degree Progress Reports and unofficial transcripts?
Academic History is scheduled to go live in iROAR August 2013.  Until then, you will use the SISweb to view unofficial transcripts.  Degree Works will replace the current Degree Progress Report system in October 2013.

4.      Will student employees still receive the same benefits (such as free printing) even though they will only have one ID?
Yes, the new system will know who you are upon sign-in based on attributes. It will no longer be based on your username.

5.      When students register, will there be a request log or a wait-list for high demand classes?
iROAR will have a true wait list. When a seat becomes available, the first student on the wait list will have the opportunity to add the class.

6.      Will iRoar potentially replace OrgSync (in later phases of the project)?                              
To date, there are no current plans to replace OrgSync.

7.      Will iROAR be a one-stop shop for the online Clemson experience?
With single sign-on, students will have access to information in one place. This includes information from Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid and Student Financial Services.
8.      Will iRoar impact one-on-one academic advising?
Undergraduate students will be cleared for registration after meeting with advisors.  They will not be allowed to register for classes until cleared.

9.      How will the new student information system affect seniors graduating before fall 2013?
Only students who are registering for fall 2013 classes and all future terms will be affected by the new system.  Transcript will continue to be available for all students.
Username Clarification:

10.   What is a username?
Upon acceptance, new students are assigned a username.  Your username is made up of letters or a combination of letters and numbers associated with your name. This is a permanent, unique identifier that is used to access Clemson University computers, networks, webpages, and resources.   

11.   Where can I find my username?
The username is communicated upon acceptance to Clemson. The process to obtain the username is stated in the undergraduate admission acceptance packet that new students receive. 

12.   Where can I find my password for my Username?
If you are a new student, how to obtain your username was communicated upon acceptance to Clemson. The first time you log in with your username, you will be prompted to establish a password.
13.  What is an XID number?
XID stands for Cross Identification Number. It is a unique, eight-digit number starting with C. (C12345678) 

14. Where can I find my XID number?
For continuing students, your XID is the number found on your new TigerOne ID card. A newly accepted undergraduate student will receive their XID number in the undergraduate Admissions Acceptance packet.  If you have lost your undergraduate packet with your XID, you may contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office. New graduate students will be directed by Graduate Admissions on how to obtain their XID.

15.   How do I find my XID number if I know my Username?
If you know your username and password, there are 2 ways to find your XID: is a site that any student can use to look up their own information when they authenticate using their student username. It shows their name, XID, CUID, and username(s). It does not allow students to see data for someone else.
Visit the Clemson Phonebook and click on "My Record" to log in and see your XID number and personal data options.                                                                                                                          
16.   What is my email address?
Your email address will be your username followed by "" (i.e.
 If you are a new student, your Clemson email ( has automatically been forwarded to your Google Apps for Education account             ( )  If you would like the email forwarded elsewhere, you can change your forwarding setting at