Registration FAQs

iROAR... do you?

Why do I see “Reserved/Closed” on classes when there are still seats available?

Reserving seats for freshmen and transfer students is a University policy, not an iROAR issue. Well more than a decade ago, the University decided to reserve class seats for incoming freshmen and transfer students so that they could successfully register for classes while on campus at orientation. The belief was that continuing students, who are already enrolled, have more experience to successfully navigate the registration system and may have the opportunity to add these classes after orientation. While it may seem unfair to you now, all current undergraduate students, whether they entered as freshmen or transfers, have benefitted from this policy.

What do I do if I try to login to the portal and receive this error message, “ Error: External ID Can Not be Determined” ?

To fix this error, take one of the following actions:

  1. Close your browser, then re-open it and log in again.  If you are using a Mac, please be sure to quit your browser instead of closing the window.
  2. Clear you browser’s cookies.
  3. Use a different browser.  If you’re using Firefox, try Chrome, or vice versa.

If you still need assistance after taking these actions, please contact the Clemson Help Desk at 864-656-3494 or email

What is a CRN?

“CRN” stands for Course Reference Number. It is a unique code for every class offered in a particular term. iROAR uses these CRNs to identify a class. It is recommended that students look up the CRNs prior registration to speed up the process. When registering for corequisite courses (e.g., lecture/lab combinations), both CRNs must be entered at the same time.

What are the new course abbreviations?

Many course abbreviations, referred to as “subject codes” in iROAR, have changed. You can look up the new subject codes here:

How have course numbers changed?

In iROAR, courses numbers consist of four digits. A 0 has been appended to every existing course number (e.g., BIOL 1100). For “L” lab courses, the L prefix has been dropped; these courses end with a 1 (e.g., BIOL 1101).

What are corequisite courses?

Corequisite courses are courses which must be taken together. It means that you must register for both components of the course at the same time (e.g., BIOL 1100 and its accompanying lab. BIOL 1101). To register for corequisites, enter the CRNs together.

What is the difference between registration for classes and adding them to the worksheet?

Adding classes to the worksheet does not mean automatic registration. The worksheet may be used as an intermediate step between looking up classes you want to register for and registering. It is a planning option the new system provides. Adding classes to the worksheet is very useful when registering for corequisite courses.

What is the difference between the Course Search and the Advanced Search functions?

Course Search provides a simple way of looking up courses in a certain subject without any restrictions. Once you select a subject and click on Course Search, all available courses will appear.

Advanced Search allows you to narrow your search to courses with specific attributes, such as schedule type, instructional method, credit range, campus, course level, part of term, attribute type, or time.

How can I select ALL subjects?

To select all subjects, use the advanced search feature; click on the first subject, hold the SHIFT key down, and press the END key. If you would like to select a range of courses, click on the first subject, hold the SHIFT key down, and click on the last subject in the range.

How can I find all honors courses?

Use the advanced search feature; click on the first subject, hold the SHIFT key down, and press the END key. In the Attribute Type box, select Honors Course and click Section Search.

What does the Action drop down arrow do?

The Action drop down arrow will be used when dropping classes.

What does the R mean on the Schedule of Classes?

The “R” refers to Thursday in iROAR.

How long does it take for iROAR to time out?

20 minutes.

Can an instructor register me for a class?

No! The instructor may, however, provide you an override that will allow you to register for the class. It is your responsibility to register in iROAR once the instructor has granted the override.

The error messages do not tell me what to do? How do I fix the error?

See document: Common Registration Error Messages and Documents here: