Clemson University Libraries


What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is a new way to search almost all of the Clemson Library's collections using ONE search box.  It's fast and easy - it's a Google-like search for Clemson Library resources!

With one search, you can find:

  • books
  • scholarly journal articles
  • magazine & newspaper articles
  • DVDs
  • maps
  • music CDs & music scores
  • manuscript collections
             and more...

The search results lead you to the full text of articles or to the catalog to see if a book is available.

How Do I Use OneSearch?

Type your search into the single search box.  Just like Google, it will find anything that has all of the words you typed.

When you get your results, use the options on the left side of the screen to refine your search by content type (book, journal article, etc.), subject terms, publication date, library location, or language. You can also do things like limiting to scholarly publications or excluding newspapers.

Search tips: 

  1. You can search for phrases by using quotation marks, for example: "carbon nanotubes"
  2. You can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard symbol to search for different word endings, for example:  touris* would find "tourism," "tourist," and "tourists."
  3. For more specific searches, use the Advanced Search option.
  4. Use the Help link for more search tips.
  5. Ask a librarian if you get really stuck.

Keep in mind...

OneSearch is a terrific place to start your research.  In many cases, it can save you time and reduce stress, because you don't have to figure out which of over 350 databases would be the best one to use.

However, OneSearch isn't completely comprehensive and it doesn't have all the advanced search capabilities other databases have.  So, especially if you're doing higher-lever research in a specific subject area, you will want to consult the Clemson library catalog, subject-specific databases, or Google Scholar.

Your Feedback

Because OneSearch is new, we are still working out the bugs, so your feedback is very important.  Please use the Feedback link in the top right corner of any search results page.  Tell us about anything you like, anything you don't like, or any problems you run into.