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City & Regional Planning Reference Sources

This is a guide to print sources in Gunnin Architecture Library. Links to online equivalents have been included. Additional online resources may be found on the City and Regional Planning subject page.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Title Call Number
The City Arch Ref HT 111 .C576 1984
Dictionary of Art Arch Ref N 31 .D5 1996 and online as Oxford Art Online
Dictionary of Development Terminology Arch Ref HT 108.5 .D84
Encyclopedia of Community Planning and Environmental Management Arch Ref HD 108.6 .S38 1984
Encyclopedia of Urban Planning Arch Ref HT 166 .E5
The Language of Cities Arch Ref HT 108.5 .A24
Latest Illustrated Book of Development Definitions Arch Ref HT 167 .M683 2004
World Encyclopedia of Cities Arch Ref HT 108.5 .K87 1994


Title Call Number
Encyclopedia of Associations Arch Ref HS 17 .G15
Guide to Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Urban and Regional Planning Arch Ref HT 165.52. G86 11th ed. 2000
International Directory of Design. Vol. 2 Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Arch Ref NK 1170 .I55 v.2 2000

Practice and Standards

Title Call Number
New Urbanism: Comprehensive Report & Best Practices Guide Arch Ref HT 175 .N58 2001
The Practice of State and Regional Planning Arch Ref HT 392 .P7 1986
The Practice of Local Government Planning Arch Ref HT 167 .P7 1988
Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design Arch Ref HT 166 .T47 2003


Title Call Number
Information Sources in Urban and Regional Planning Arch Ref HT 165.5 .D84 1994
Council of Planning Librarians (CPL) Bibliography Arch Z 5942 .C682 (1979-95)
Journal of Planning Literature Arch HT 165.5 .J68

Real Estate

Title Call Number
Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal Arch Ref HD 1387 .D435 2002
Dictionary of Real Estate Terms Arch Ref HD 1365 .F75 2004
Directory of Real Estate Development and Related Education Programs Arch Ref HD 1381.5 .U5 D57 8th ed.
Professional Real Estate Development (ULI Guide) Arch Ref HD 1390 .P45 2003

Periodical Indexes

Online periodical indexes may be found on the City and Regional Planning subject page.

South Carolina Planning Documents Collection

Housed in the Documents Room, the collection is organized by county. Planning documents are accessed through the library catalog and an index in the documents room.

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