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Finding Information on Contemporary Artists

Library Catalog

Use the library catalog to find books about and by artists.

For books ABOUT an artist, try a subject or keyword search:

Subject search: sherman, cindy

Keyword search: cindy and sherman (or sherman and cindy)

For books BY the artist, including collections of the artist's work, try an author search:

Author search: sherman, cindy

General Reference Works

Use to find basic biographical information, lists of important works and exhibits, and bibliographic references to important books and articles. The Reference section in Gunnin Architecture Library has several useful books. Browse the class number N 6490 for additional sources on twentieth century and contemporary art.

Title Call Number
World Artists 1980-1990 Arch Ref N 6489 .W67 1991
Contemporary Artists Arch Ref N 6490 .C6567 2002
Who's Who in American Art Arch Ref N 6536 .W62 25 th. 2003/04

Online Reference Works

Oxford Art Online (online version of the Dictionary of Art Art Ref N31 .D5 1996)

Oxford Art and Architecture Dictionaries (online versions of several Oxford dictionaries, including the Oxford Dictionary of Art, The Concise Dictionary of Art and Artists, and the Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Art)

Biography Resource Center - collections of biographies and bibliographic information compiled from several standard biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias. Also includes web resources evaluated by BRC.

ARTstor - an expanding database of high-quality digital images. Rather hit or miss for very recent art, but still worth a try. Search under artist's name: e.g., peter voulkos brings up two images of his work.

Article Indexes

Note the start date for the online indexes. If your artist was active before this date, you may have to refer to the print versions for reviews of exhibitions and other art criticism.

Art Full Text (from 1984 with abstracting from 1994 and full text from 1997). The basic index for the visual arts, indexes most of the major art publications.

Art Index (1929-1995). Arch Ref Z5937 .A78 (documents room). The print version and predecessor of Art Full Text.

Design and Applied Arts Index (1973 to present). Useful for artists in fields traditionally associated with crafts (such as ceramics). Results may include web resources.

ArtBibliographies Modern (ABM). (1974- present) Arch Ref Z5935 .L64. Index covers a large selection of periodicals, book chapters, and dissertations. Includes abstracts.

Don't ignore the following general news and academic databases if you are having trouble finding information on your artist. They index major newspapers and magazines, a good source of stories, interviews and reviews.

Expanded Academic (1980-present)

InfoTrac OneFile (1980-present)

Academic Search Premier (1965-present)



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