Gunnin Architecture Library

Finding a Reproduction of a Work of Architecture or Art


To search the library catalog for books about an architect or artist, use a subpect or keyword search:

Subject search: ernst, max
Keyword search: raphael and drawing? (? is the truncation symbol used to find both "drawing" and "drawings")

Use an author search for books by an artist or architect. Collections of reproductions of a body of work are often cataloged under the artist or architect's name.

Author search: basquiat, jean michel

Indexes to Reproductions in Books and Periodicals

These publications index reproductions of works of art and architecture in general books and periodical articles.

Periodical Indexes (Print):

Title Call Number
Art in Life Cooper Ref N 4010.C5
Art in Time Cooper Ref N 7225.H38
Art Index Arch Ref Z 5937.A78
ArtBibliographies Modern Arch Ref Z 5935.L64
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals Arch Ref Z 5945.C653

Periodical Indexes (online):

Art Full Text The online version of Art Index, allows limiting searches to art reproductions (look under document type).
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals Has several categories of illustrations that can be searched.

Indexes to Reproductions in Books:

Title Call Number
Fine Art Reproductions of Old and Modern Masters Cooper Ref N 4035.N48 1976
Contemporary Art and Artists: An Index to Reproductions Cooper Ref N 6490.P3234
Earth Scale Art Arch Ref. Z 5936 E27 H37 1984
Historical Art Index, A. D. 400-1650 Cooper Ref N 8210 R6 1989
Index to Art Reproductions in Books Cooper Ref N 7525.H48 1974
Index to Italian Architecture: A Guide to Key Monuments and Reproduction Sources Arch Ref NA 111.T4 1992
Index to Reproductions of American Painting Cooper Ref ND 205.M75 and suppl.
Index to Two-Dimensional Art Works Arch Ref N 7525.K67 v.1-2
Photography Books Index: A Subject Guide to Photo Anthologies Arch Ref TR 199.M67 and TR 199 M67 1985
Print Index Arch Ref NE 90.P17 1980
Sculpture Index Arch Ref NB 36 .C55
World Architecture Index Arch Ref NA 202.T4 1991
World Painting Index

Arch Ref ND 45.H38 v.1-2 2nd suppl.

Online Resources

ARTstor . An expanding online image database of high quality digital images.

To find a specific work of art or architecture try a keyword search. Select "all collections" and enter artist's last name and title of work.

monet and cathedral brings up Monet's paintings of the Rouen Cathedral

pei and louvre brings up images of I. M. Pei's additions to the Louvre


The Media Resources Center houses the library's slide collection that likely has reproductions of any major works you are researching. Ask the staff for assistance.

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