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Landscape Architecture Reference Sources

This is a guide to print sources found in Gunnin Architecture Library. Links to online equivalents have also been included. Additional online resources may be found on the Landscape Architecture subject page.

Call Numbers: Books tend to be shelved by similar topics. Try "browsing" the shelves under the following call numbers:

GV - Recreation, Leisure
NA - Architecture
SB - Plan culture, includes landscape gardening

Reference Books : Current versions of dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, and other particularly useful or important books found in our reference section:

Title Call Number
Dictionary of Art Arch Ref N 31 D5 1996 and online
Dictionary of Landscape Architecture Arch Ref SB 469.25 .M67 1987
Dictionary of Today's Landscape Designers Arch Ref SB 469.37 D53 2003
Encyclopedia of Landscaping and Patio Design Arch Ref SB 473.2 .C65 1999
Graphic Standards for Landscape Architects Arch Ref SB 472 .G73 1986
Guide to International Opportunities in Landscape Architecture Education and Internships Arch Ref SB 469.4 .A2 C8 2002
Illustrated Guide to Landscape Design, Construction and Management Arch Ref SB 472.45 .P54 1998
Landscape Architect's Portable Handbook Arch Ref SB 472 .D46 2001
Landscape Architecture File Arch Ref SB 469.3 .L34
Landscape Architecture Sourcebook: A Guide to Resources on the History and Practice of Landscape Architecture in the United States Cooper Ref SB 470.53 .V64 1997
Landscape Estimating Methods Arch Ref SB 472.565 .F44 2002
Oxford Companion to Gardens Arch Ref SB 469.25 .O95 1986
Penguin Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Arch Ref NA 31 .F55 1999
Planting the Landscape Arch Ref NA 705 .H36 1998
Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture: A Complete Guide to Starting and Resource Guide to Sustainable Landscapes and Gardens Arch Ref S B472.45 .G76 1996
Running your Own Firm Arch Ref SB 469.37 .R64 1997
Spon's Landscape Handbook Arch Ref SB 427.32 .G7 S66 1997
Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architects Arch Ref SB 475.9 .S72T55

: These are some of the more important periodicals in landscape architecture and related fields. Unless otherwise noted, current issues are in alphabetical order in the periodicals area on the main floor of Gunnin Architecture Library. Older issues are bound and housed in call number order on the lower level.

Title Call Number
Fine Gardening SB 469 .F5
Garden Design SB 469 .G27
Grounds Maintenance Cooper SB 469 .G7
(electronic version, 1997- ; type Grounds Maintenance in the search box)
Journal of Garden History SB 451 .J76 (continued by Studies in the History of Gardens)
Landscape Architecture SB 469 .L26
Landscape Design SB 469 .L33
Landscape Design Extra SB 469 .L333 (continued by Landlines)
Landscape Journal Cooper SB 469 .L35
Places NA 9000 .P53
(electronic version, 1997- ; type Places in the search box)

Periodical Indexes
: Online indexes may be found on the Landscape Architecture subject page.

Art Index (1929-1995)

Arch Ref Z5937.A78 (documents room)

The basic index for art periodicals, includes some landscape architecture journals. The online version, Art Full Text, only extends back as far as 1984, so for articles published before that year you will need to consult the print version.

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