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Standards and Codes

On May 24, 2000, the South Carolina Building Codes Council updated the mandatory and permissive building codes for use within South Carolina. The documents adopted for mandatory use include the 2000 edition of the International Building, Residential, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Energy Conservation and Fire Codes. The document adopted as the permissive (by option of the local jurisdiction) code is the 2000 Edition of the International Property Maintenance Code.

The Council established the implementation date for local jurisdictions as July 1, 2001 for all codes, with the exception of the International Residential Code. The implementation date established for the International Residential Code was July 1, 2002. All local jurisdictions must adopt and begin enforcement of the mandatory codes by their respective implementation dates and may adopt and enforce the permissive code at any time after the mandatory codes.

The International Code Series was developed as a joint project by the Southern Building Code Congress, International, the International Conference of Building Officials and the Building Officials and Code Administrators International and will replace the Standard, National and Uniform Building Code Series. The 1997 Editions of the Standard, National and Uniform Codes (which were regional), and the 1995 Edition of the CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code (which was national) were the last to be published. The International Building Code Series will replace those documents as a single set of National Codes. All codes training and Code Enforcement Officer certification examinations will be based in the International Code series.

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Building codes adopted by each state are available at Ecodes.

International Building Code Series

International Building Code ARCH REF K 3538.A15 I5 2003
International Building Code Commentary ARCH REF K 3538.A15 I54 2000
International Code Council Performance Code ARCH REF K 3538 A15 I56 2003
International Energy Conservation Code ARCH REF K 3528 .A15 I58 2003
International Existing Building Code ARCH REF K 3538 A15 I585 2003
International Fire Code ARCH REF K 3674 .A15 I58 2003
International Fuel Gas Code ARCH REF K 3542 .I573 2003
International Mechanical Code ARCH REF KF 5708 .I55 2003
International Plumbing Code ARCH REF K 3542 .I58 2003
International Private Sewage Disposal Code ARCH REF K 3542 I584 2003
International Property Maintenance Code ARCH REF K 3538 A15 I586 2003
International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings ARCH REF K 3538.A15 I587 2003
International Zoning Code ARCH REF K 3534 .A15 I58 2003

Architecture and Construction Standards

ASTM Standards in Building Codes ARCH REF TA 404.5 .A45 2003
ASCE Flood Resistant Design and Construction COOPER TA 658.2 .F56 2000
ASCE Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures COOPER TH 851 .M56 2000 or
ARCH REF TH 851 M56 1990
Architectural Graphic Standards Online database or
ARCH REF TH 2031 .R35 2000
Illustrated 2003 Building Code Handbook ARCH REF TH 420 .P38 2004
SBCCI Standard Building Code ARCH KF 5701 .S62 1997 (also 1988, 1985,1982, 1979)
Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data ARCH Media Resources Center
TH 151 .T55 2005 (CD-ROM)
Time-Saver Standards for Building Types ARCH REF NA 2760 .D42 2001
Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture ARCH REF SB 475.9 .S72 T55 1998
Time-Saver Standards: Site Construction Details Manual ARCH REF NA 2540.5 .D56 1999


CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code ARCH REF KF 5701 .Z9 C68 1995
Time-Saver Standards for Housing and Residential Development ARCH REF NA 9051 .T55 1995

Interior Design

Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning ARCH REF NK 2110 T48 2001
Interior Graphic and Design Standards ARCH REF NA 2708. R49 1986
Human Dimension and Interior Space ARCH REF NA 2542.4 .P356 1979


BOCA National Fire Prevention Code ARCH KF 3975 .B85 1993 (also 1987)
National Fire Codes Subscription Service ARCH REF TH 9145 .N38
National Fire Protection Association National Electrical Code ARCH REF KF 5704 .N38 2002 (also 1999, 1993, 1978)


SBCCI Standard Plumbing Code ARCH REF KF 5709 .Z95 S68 1997
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials Uniform Plumbing Code ARCH REF KF 5709 .I65 1994


SBCCI Standard Mechanical Code ARCH REF KF 5708 .A15 S73 1997
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials Uniform Mechanical Code ARCH REF K F5708 .Z95 I57 1994


SBCCI Standard Gas Code

ARCH REF KF5704.5 .A15 S73 1997

smc/rev. ak 5/05