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Visual Arts Reference Sources

This is a guide to print sources found in the Gunnin Architecture Library. Links to online equivalents have been included. Additional online resources may be found on the Visual Arts subject page.

Call Numbers:

Books with the same subject often have very similar call numbers. Try "browsing" the shelves under the following call numbers:

N - Visual Arts (including general encyclopedias and dictionaries, history, theory, art as a profession)
NA - Architecture
NB - Sculpture
NC - Drawing, Design, Illustration
ND - Painting
NE - Print Media
NK - Decorative Arts
NX - Arts in General (including study and teaching and special topics)
TR - Photography

Reference Books: Our print collection includes many important books not available online:

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Title Call Number

Arch Ref N 6490.A87 1990

Outlines the modernist and post-modernist art movements of the 20th century


Arch Ref N 6447.A85 1993

Outlines pre-modernist art movements from the mid-19th century

Artwords: A Glossary of Contemporary Art Theory Arch Ref N 71 .P32 1997
Dictionary of Art

Arch Ref N 31.D5 1996 and online as Oxford Art Online

The authoritative scholarly encyclopedia of art and art history.

Dictionary of Twentieth Century Art Arch Ref N 6490 .C53 1998 and online
Encyclopedia of World Art Arch Ref N 31.E5 vols.1-17
Glossary of Art, Architecture and Design Since 1945 Arch Ref N 34.W34 1992
International Dictionary of Art and Artists Arch Ref N 40.I55 1990 vols.1&2
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Art Arch Ref N 33.M23
Oxford Companion to Art Arch Ref N 33.O9
Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Art Arch Ref N 6490.O94
Oxford Companion to Western Art Arch Ref N 33 O923 2001 and online
Pronunciation Dictionary of Artists' Names Arch Ref N 40.K3 1993

Biographical Dictionaries

Title Call Number
Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Künstler

Arch Ref N 40.T43 vols.1-37

Known as "Thieme-Becker," this German biographical dictionary contains hundreds of artists from the 19th century and earlier not found in other reference works.

Contemporary Artists Arch Ref N 6490.C6567 2002
Contemporary Women Artists Arch Ref N 8354 C66 1999
Dictionnaire critique et documentaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs

Arch Ref N 40.B47 vols.1-8

A comprehensive French dictionary of artists with coverage up to the mid-20th century.

Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists Arch Ref N 6536.C8 1988
Dictionary of Women Artists Arch Ref N 8354 .D53 1997 v.1,2
Dictionary of Women in Religious Art Arch Ref N 7793.W65 A66 1998
Oxford Dictionary of Art Arch Ref N 33.O93 1988 and online
Prestel Dictionary of Art & Artists in the 20 th Century Arch Ref N 6490 P74 2000
St. James Guide to Black Artists Arch Ref N 40 .S78 1997
20th Century American Folk, Self Taught, and Outsider Art Arch Ref NK 805 .S46 1993
Who's Who in American Art Arch Ref N 6536.W62 25 th 2003/2004
Who Was Who in American Art Arch Ref N 6512 F26 1985
Women Artists and Designers in Europe since 1800 Arch Ref N 6757 .M33 1998 v.1,2
Women Artists of Color Arch Ref N 8354 W656 1999


Title Call NUmber
American Art Directory Arch Ref N 50.A54 (latest edition)
International Directory of Arts Arch Ref N 50.I6 (latest edition)

Periodical Indexes

For online indexes see the Visual Arts subject page.

Art Index (1929-1995)

Arch Ref Z 5937.A78 in Documents Room

This is the basic art periodicals index and the print equivalent of Art Full Text, which begins coverage in 1984. For articles published earlier than that year, you will need to consult the print version. An important source of contemporaneous articles about twentieth-century artists and their work.

ArtBibliographies Modern (ABM). (1974-present)

Arch Ref Z 5935.L64

This index, with two issues a year, specializes in the literature about modern art, including its predecessors and successors, from about the mid-19th century to the present. In addition to periodicals, the index includes book chapters and dissertations. Each entry includes an abstract, making this a very useful resource.

RILA (1975-1989)

BHA (1991-2000)

Arch Ref Z 5937.R162

BHA (Bibliography of the History of Art) is a continuation of RILA (International Repertory of the Literature of Art), an important index and abstracter of international scholarly publications including magazine, journals, books, dissertations, and conference proceedings. The international scope and abstracts (in English or French) make this a useful resource for the period covered.

Other Useful Reference Sources:

Title Call Number
Art Information and the Internet: How to find it, how to use it Arch Ref N 59.J66 1999
Artists' Resource Handbook Arch Ref N 8600.G69 1996
Artist's Resource: The Watson-Guptill Guide to Workshops, Conferences, Artists' Colonies and Academic Programs Arch Ref N 8600 C49 1999
Career Opportunities in Art Arch Ref N 6505 B74 1999
The Fine Artists' Career Guide Arch Ref N 8350.G73 1998

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