Clemson University Libraries

Map Resource Area

Map Resource Area Maps

The majority of maps owned by our library are located in map cases in the third floor lobby, directly outside the Government Documents Office. We call this area the map resource area. Folded maps and charts are located in the center of the Map Resource Area in a large rectangular shelving unit. Operational Navigation Charts, Jet Navigation Charts, Tactical Pilotage Charts and Global Navigation Charts can be found in this shelving unit, as well as maps published by the National Wildlife Refuge. 1:250,000-scale Joint Operations Graphics, (DMA series 1501), are located here. Additionally, a collection of commercially-produced World Travel Maps are located in the same area. Maps published by the Central Intelligence Agency are located in separate shelf cases in front of the microfiche carrels. U.S. Forest Service maps and charts are located in File Cabinet 1, near the silver map cases. One-inch Ordnance Survey Maps of Great Britain can be found in File Cabinet 2.

Geological Investigations and Field Studies are located in the I 19.'s in the stacks area.

Two cubicles, located between the two ranges of map cases, house folded maps. Located in one cubicle are City Maps (International). The other cubicle houses Countries of the World.