Clemson University Libraries

Annual Book Sale


Why isn’t the Library having a book sale this year?
The sale is just one day but effort is required throughout the entire year as thousands of gift items are reviewed and stored in preparation for the sale. Attendance at the sale and corresponding revenues have continued to decline. As in past years, any books not sold were left outside the Library over the weekend and were available free to anyone who wanted them. Last year, thousands of books had to be recycled because no one took them even when they were free.
Will you ever have a book sale again?
We do not anticipate having any future book sales.
Will you still accept donations?
Yes, we still accept donations. Please place donations in the outside gift drop box on the East side of Cooper Library or bring them to the loading dock on the West side next to Rhodes Hall. Contact Fran Simmons at 656-2819 for more information.
Why should I still donate my books to the Library if there’s no book sale?
Materials that meet our collection needs, especially materials appropriate for our Special Collections, will be added. Other donations will be sold through BetterWorldBooks to generate revenue for the purchase of new books and materials for the Libraries’ collections.
What will happen to my books if I donate them?
Some materials will be added to our collections. Other materials not added to our collections will be consigned to BetterWorldBooks. See Any books not sold by BetterWorldBooks are donated to support global literacy or are recycled.
What if I think you should add the book I’m donating to the collection?

Faculty on campus should work with their subject librarians to determine appropriateness for the collections. A list of subject librarians is available at

For other requests, please contact Fran Simmons at 656-2819.