Clemson University Libraries

Fund a Book

The Clemson Libraries invite you to buy a book through our Fund-a-Book program.

With your contribution of $50, a bookplate honoring the person or occasion of your selection will be affixed to the book. Through the years, with each reading of the book, your gift will be presented, time and time again. Each time the book is opened, the bookplate will acknowledge your generosity. Fund-a-Book provides lasting remembrance of the important milestones in our lives.

For every $50 you donate to the program, you can fund the purchase and processing of one new book. We will place on or near the inside front cover of the book a bookplate that contains your own personal message.

You may use your own name on the bookplate, use it to honor a friend or loved one, or use it to commemorate an event or accomplishment. For example:

“Funding for this book provided by Stephanie and Howard Long”

“This book donated in loving memory of Elizabeth Wilder, 1920-1996”

“This book donated in honor of Blake Forester, Clemson Class of 2000 upon his graduation, by his parents, Evelyn and Albert Forrester”

“In Honor of Natasha and Thomas Blackwell’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, April 25, 1998”

Your lasting tribute through the Fund-A-Book Program will provide enduring resources for years to come, and your generosity will be a symbol of cherished friendship and scholarship.

Please print out, complete and mail in the Fund-A-Book Form to make your donation.

Make checks payable to “The Clemson University Foundation” and write “Fund-A-Book Program B2354” in the memo line on your check.

Please mail your form and check to:

Clemson University Foundation
c/o Donna Dant
110 Daniel Dr.
Clemson, SC 29631-1520

Donna Incropera Dant, MEd
Senior Director of Development
Clemson University
110 Daniel Dr.
Clemson, SC 29631

Office: 864.650.0960
Mobile: 615.403.1987