Clemson University Libraries

The Libraries By The Numbers

What were last year’s total library expenditures? 

  • $11, 098,269.  That is more than $630 per student.


What was the gate count at Cooper Library last year?

  • 1,151,492. That’s 14 times the attendance of last year’s football games.


What amount was spent on library subscriptions and databases last year? 

  • $4,628,475  and we continue to see an inflation rate that nears 10% annually subscriptions. 


How many books were checked out of Cooper Library last year?

  • 199,179.  Last year we allocated $1,000,000  for book purchases.  While we spend 3 times more on electronic resources, books are still a vital library resource.


How many people were served in Java City last year?

  • 135,402.  Did you know we have a coffee shop in the library?  As the campus meeting place, the Library has changed with the times.


How many volumes are in the remote storage facility?

  • 101,606. We have more needs than we have space in Cooper Library, and we have a leased facility to store less frequently used items. 
  • By the way, we have over 1.8 million volumes in our total library holdings.


How many electronic journals do we subscribe to?

  • 34,363 electronic journals provide anytime, anywhere access to library resources for our students and faculty


What was the farthest distance traveled to use Clemson University Library materials this past year? 

  • 9,821 miles.   Special Collections had a researcher visit us from Australia to use our unique Special Collections houses rare books, manuscripts, archival records of the University, and correspondence. 
  • One interesting group of correspondence we have is between John Heisman and President Walter Riggs on the development of the game of football.  Points include the use of time outs to remove the injured players and the use of the forward pass.


What is the publication date of our oldest book?

  • 1566.  It is a second edition Copernicus. We also have three first editions of Galileo’s works.


What is the average number of volumes cataloged PER WORKDAY?

  • 80.  This is the average PER WORKDAY.  While we purchase $1 million worth, we also received 17,280 books last year as gifts.