Clemson University Libraries

Vision, Mission, Goals & Philosophy

Vision Statement

The Clemson University Libraries will be a national leader in providing access to information and in educating individuals for effective, life-long learning.

Mission Statement

Clemson University Libraries connects our university community with resources vital to learning, teaching, research, and innovation in an expert and courteous manner.


To provide high level information to library users

To have the capabilities and resources to provide cost effective access to the information needed by students, faculty and staff.

To provide facilities needed for adequate care and use of the resources, study space and staff work areas.

To have the financial resources to meet the other goals.

Service Philosophy (for interaction with patrons and between library units)

Clemson University is an institution of learning, and the Libraries are a vital part of that process. We are here to help. All questions are welcome, and there are no walls between us and our patrons.

We, the Clemson University Libraries staff, will:

  • Be approachable.
  • Treat each patron with courtesy and respect.
  • Remember that some patrons may become frustrated with the system; thus we will use our knowledge and skills to guide them through the process.
  • Listen to requests carefully and ask questions directed at finding what the person truly wants.
  • Be understanding and flexible.
  • Use library policies as guidelines, not roadblocks. If there is something in the policy that unnecessarily interferes with providing the best service, we will inform our supervisors, and follow up on the matter to ensure that the issue has been addressed.
  • Find someone who can help if we are unable to do so.
  • Inform the patron promptly if the request will take some time to complete; we will estimate a completion date and respond back to the patron at that time.
  • Inform the patron when a task cannot be accomplished, and suggest alternative approaches if at all possible.

Organizational Philosophy

The following characteristics are valued by the University Libraries and guide the behavior of all Library employees. The University Libraries seek to attract, retain and actively support individuals who demonstrate them. Employees are encouraged to use a direct approach to problem solving and managers to cultivate an atmosphere for this to occur.

Supportive and committed to the Libraries' Vision : "The Clemson University Libraries will be a national leader in providing access to information and in educating individuals for effective life-long learning."

Able to offer new, creative, and useful solutions and ideas. Secure enough to try new things knowing that the organization will be supportive in the event that an idea fails.

Enthusiastic. Willing to accept a challenge; a positive attitude.

Action-oriented. Willing to take the initiative and do something rather than wait for something to be done.

Hardworking. Willing to do more than what it takes to get by; willing to contribute the extra effort, even if it may not be recognized.

Clear thinking. Thinking an idea all the way through and analyzing its implications.

Individual of convictions. Willing to defend an idea even if it is an unpopular one.

Interacts well with co-workers. Establishes and maintains positive and effective working relationships. Supportive of one another with consideration and kindness.

Technologically oriented. Willing to be open to new technologies and able to apply them effectively to the Libraries' work.

Pro-active. Always pressing to move forward and improve.

Integrity. Honest, trustworthy, able to respect confidentiality; able to balance the rights of the individual with the mission of the Libraries.

Communication. The commitment to communicate appropriate information in a timely and effective manner to those who will be affected by it.

Promoting the intellect. An appreciation of and commitment to advancing education, research and other scholarly pursuits.

The Lighter touch. Able to balance the seriousness of purpose with the ability to enjoy one's work and accomplishments. Appreciating the value of a good laugh.