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Clemson University Records Management

Clemson University is required by state law to make, preserve and safeguard records (regardless of media) that document University functions, policies, and procedures in order to protect the legal and financial rights of the University and the State of South Carolina. As a state agency, all records created or received by Clemson University offices are considered public records and should be maintained and disposed of according to the Public Records Act of 1973 (amended in 1990) as it is stated in the Code of Laws of South Carolina. A yearly memorandum from the University Administration reminds campus personnel of the requirements of this Act.

To ensure that records of the University are properly managed, the Clemson University Records Center staff and the University Archivist will assist departments and administrative offices in identifying and standardizing records retention/disposition practices. The staff will also monitor departmental adherence to approved records management policies and procedures in order to ensure compliance with the South Carolina Public Records Act by promoting a systematic and uniform disposition of the university's vital records.



Storage Boxes

picture of box

To store records in the Records Center, you must use the required boxes shown above. You can order these boxes through the punchout in Clemson buyWays. Search by Product BANKERS BOX - Maximum Strength, Dimensions 10"h x 12"w x 15"d.



Campus Delivery and Material Pick Up Schedule

Regular pick up of boxes and delivery of requests are scheduled for Monday-Friday, 12:30 pm-3:30 pm.

If you have more than 15 boxes, please make your own arrangements for delivery.