Clemson University Libraries

The General Counsel's 2014 Memorandum


 January 31, 2014

Please be reminded that the South Carolina Public Records Act of 1973 requires all public institutions to comply with records retention schedules approved by the South Carolina State Budget and Control Board.  All records—regardless of media or characteristics—created, received or maintained by departments in the course of their operations are the property of Clemson University and must be retained and disposed of in accordance with approved records retention guidelines. 

All colleges and administrative units are required to adhere to the guidelines for records retention. To monitor compliance, the Office of Internal Auditing will periodically conduct audits of records.

Also, University offices that generate publications in either print or electronic format are required by law (S.C. Code Section 60-2-30), to send their publications to the South Carolina State Library.  Examples of such publications include University catalogs, bulletins, annual reports, alumni publications, research reports, county extension reports, and bulletins. 

Publications in electronic format should be emailed to:  

Print publications (fifteen of each title) should be mailed to:

South Carolina State Library
P. O. Box 11469
Columbia, SC  29211

For further details, please see

If your office would like to learn more about records management at Clemson University, please go to  Questions may be directed to Dennis Taylor, University Archivist, 656-4751, or Robin Chambers, Library Depot Manager, 656-0288.

W.C. Hood, Jr.
General Counsel