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Search Dissertations and Theses - Full Text to identify dissertations (1861-present) and theses (1957-present) in all subject areas from over 1,000 universities (including Clemson University), many of which are available in full-text online.

To access full-text dissertations and theses done at Clemson University, you can search the Clemson University Electronic Theses and Dissertations database (Dec. 2006-present) and the Dissertations & Theses@Clemson database (1996-present).

Search the library catalog by author or title to find out whether a specific dissertation or thesis is available in the Libraries. If the Clemson Libraries do not own the one you need, Clemson students, faculty, and staff can make an Interlibrary Loan request and obtain it from another library.

To use the catalog to find Clemson University dissertations and/or theses in specific subject areas or from a specific department, do a keyword search including the words "Clemson" and "theses," for example:

clemson and theses and food science

clemson and theses and civil engineering

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