Library Services

PASCAL Delivers

South Carolina's virtual academic library.

PASCAL DELIVERS lets students and faculty at South Carolina colleges and universities search academic libraries all over the state and have books from other libraries delivered to them.

Currently, Clemson students, faculty, and staff can search the libraries of Clemson University, the University of South Carolina, and many other institutions. For a complete list of currently searchable libraries, click on the "Actively Participating Libraries" link on the PASCAL DELIVERS webpage: More libraries are being added all the time; eventually it will include the libraries of all the colleges and universities in the state - a virtual library of over 12 million volumes!


There are two ways to search the PASCAL DELIVERS catalog:

  1. Click on the PASCAL DELIVERS button when you see it in the library catalog: Pascal Delivers - Click here to get books from other South Carolina academic libraries in 3 days!
    • If you are looking at search results, your search will be repeated in the PASCAL DELIVERS catalog.
    • If you are looking at a single item, you will be able to see the availability of that item in all the PASCAL DELIVERS libraries.
  2. Go directly to the PASCAL DELIVERS homepage and search PASCALCAT.

Requesting a Book

When you request a book, you'll be asked to identify your home institution (Clemson), then to login using your Clemson user ID and password.

Requested books should arrive at Clemson within three business days.

  • Up to 25 books can be checked out at one time through PASCAL DELIVERS.
  • Check-out period - 6 weeks
  • Faculty and staff requests will be delivered directly to departmental mailrooms.
  • Students will receive an email notification when requested books arrive. Student requests can be picked up at the Circulation Desk in Cooper Library.
  • One renewal is allowed for three weeks.
  • Books not picked up by the due date will be returned to the lending library.

For more information, see the PASCAL DELIVERS homepage:

If you have any questions about this service, please call (864) 656-2197.