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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is there any way to renew a book from the computer without having to come over to the Library?

Response: All employees and students have the opportunity to log on to "Your Library Account" and renew materials. (At a later date, community users will have this access). These same patrons also receive a reminder message approximately seven days before material is due. You can check your account at any time on the libraries home page at

Teri Alexander, Circulation Services Manager, (864) 656-5172


Question: There is too much noise in the library and I can't study.

Response: We are finding that more and more class assignments are being made to groups rather than to individuals; this contributes to the talking that goes on during study time as projects are discussed around library tables. With the "quiet areas" designated on the 1st, 2d, and 3rd floors, we are encouraging these groups, as well as others who wish to talk, to use the upper floors or the two new group study areas on the second and third floors. If you are bothered by someone talking in one of the "quiet areas", feel free to <politely> ask him/her to be quiet. If he/she will not comply, report to any service point, the security guard on the main floor or an office near you for help.

Teri Alexander, Circulation Services Manager, (864) 656-5172


Question: Recently, I have noticed an increase in the frequency of distractions within the Library due to cell phone use. Does the Library have a cell phone use policy that is currently being enforced?

Response: If only we could <institute a policy>. There's a problem in instituting a policy that we can't enforce. If this type problem persists, you have two choices - either ask the offender to quiet down (politely) or you must move to another location. I know these aren't necessarily the preferred solutions. If the offending person is in a quiet area on levels 1, 2 or 3, please report to the nearest public service desk or office for help. John, I'd be happy to hear more suggestions from you!

Teri Alexander, Circulation Services Manager, (864) 656-5172


Question: I think the price for making copies within the library is outrageous! I can understand charging $.10 for those who are not students, but for Clemson students that are paying to attend this school, the price is overboard. I suggest you charge students $.05 a copy and non-students $.10.

Response: The Copier Service is one of those that is provided as a convenience for all library users. It must therefore pay for itself or we will have to stop providing it. You may not be aware that we purchased the Copier Services from the Student Government several years back. As such, part of the costs of the system include buying the machines from the Student Government and agreeing to pay them a set price per copy ad infinitum. Also included in the cost of the service are personnel costs, maintenance costs, toner and paper costs and repairs. Putting all these figures together adds up to such a hefty chunk of money that $.10 per copy barely covers our costs. It also compares quite favorably with other libraries not only in the area, but throughout the Southeast. Moreover, since all copiers are self-service, it would be impossible to delineate which library patrons are Clemson affiliates and which ones are not. For these reasons, we cannot lower the cost of copies however much we may sympathize with your position. However, as a Clemson student, you may use your Tiger Stripe account to pay for the copies. By using Tiger Stripe, the cost is reduced to $.05 per copy as per your request. All copier machines and several of the microfilm reader/printers have Tiger Stripe readers.

Jens Holley, Resource Sharing Unit Head, (864) 656-5177


Question 1: I would appreciate if you would subscribe to my hometown newspaper.

Response: The Information Access Committee reviews the newspaper subscription list both for additions and cancellations. Due to the library's limited funding, it is impossible for the library to subscribe to all hometown papers. All suggestions will be considered as these titles are reviewed.

Peggy Cover, Information Access Committee, Reference Unit Head

Question 2: The goal of the Acquisitions Unit is to process newspapers and have them on the shelves within 2 hours of receipt. We are able to meet this goal 95% of the time. Because the U.S. mail is our only delivery option for many newspapers, there may be as much as a 3-5 day delay in our receipt of them. For the most current news, please ask at the Reference Desk for assistance with online databases and newspaper and news service sites.

Gail Julian, Acquisitions Unit Head, 656-1114


Question: Why is it so hot in the building?

Response: We have a constant battle with the temperature in this building. What with a 30-year old system, 14 separate air handlers, and Microsystems being created all over through heat from machines, varying exposure to outside air, configuration of walls, etc. the temperature is difficult to control. We do our best and University Facilities does work with us to try to adjust the temperature, but is not always successful. The problems with the heating/cooling system will not be resolved until the funding is approved for the complete renovation.

Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, (864) 656-5172


Question: Can't there be more parking near the Library made available for the students, especially at night?

Response: Parking decisions are made by Parking Services rather than the Library. You might petition them directly or work through Student Government to see if a change could be made for the evening hours.

Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, (864) 656-5172


Question: Please allow undergrads to check out journals.

Response: I'll try to explain the library's policy on circulation of journals. Because journals are the most expensive and highly used research materials, circulation is restricted to faculty and graduate students (3 journals can be checked out for a 3-day period). Faculty and graduate student's level of research and coursework dictate access to journals. Many check out the materials to photocopy at a departmental photocopier and return them to the library quickly. Our aim is to make journals accessible to all patrons by limiting access and circulation. Imagine if journals were available for checkout to the entire student population of over 16,000 students? If you have a request based on a special need, please ask at the Circulation Desk (or see me). It is quite possible that we will restrict journal privileges even further in the future and doubtful that we'll expand privileges.

Teri Alexander, Circulation Services Manager, (864) 656-5172


Question: Put in a drop box for returning books after hours.

Response: Thanks for the suggestion. We're considering the addition of bookdrops at Holmes Hall and Hendrix Student Center. If we add more drops, we'll publicize. Thanks for the suggestion.

Teri Alexander, Circulation Services Manager, (864) 656-5172

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