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2005 Suggestions

Subject: Workstation on Lower Levels

I was going to get a book on level one, and needed to check a reference...but there was not a computer on level one. Please consider putting a computer on every floor so that people can have access to the catalog for their research. Thank you.
Response: The Workstation was only removed during construction on levels 1 & 2. It will be replaced when the network connection work is completed.
- Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Socializing

Less frat kids just talking and ordering pizzas...trying to hit on girls. just put a sign up or something.
Response: We are learning that popularity as a place comes with both pro's & con's. It's almost impossible to "just put up a sign" given the layout of the building. If there's a particular noise problem or another concern, please report so to the nearest service desk. Thanks for the suggestion.
- Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Suggestion: I believe that rocking chairs would be a beneficial addition to the library. These chairs would provide support to the lumbar region of those engaged in extended study sessions. One of the most devastating distractions on test day is a sore back from a library chair the previous night. For this reason rocking chairs would be a driving force for academic excellence at Clemson University. Their addition will propel Clemson to not only meet its goal of becoming a top twenty university, but will increase overall student satisfaction.
Response: We're looking at new furniture for level four and will consider your suggestion. There's a new "positional" chair that is available similar to a rocking chair. We'll keep it in mind.
- Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Scanning Software

Suggestion: I needed a scanner that could scan a handwritten document and turn it into a pdf file. It would be very nice if the library had a scanner with this capability.
Response: Thanks for your suggestion. We're looking at options on how best to provide this service and hope to have something in place this summer.
- Beth Helsel, Systems Librarian, 656-3039
Subject: Noise - Level 1

Suggestion: Please PROMINENTLY post on the first floor that it is not a group work area. I'm down here now, and there has been a radio on (someone too cheap to buy a headset?) and a LOT of talking. I'm trying to get two papers and some reading done before 4 pm and don't have any place else to go until I at least finish the papers. I am having trouble concentrating!!! I don't understand why these people are down here, and not in the group area on second floor, for example!
Response: I immediately responded and sent a security guard down to level 1. He was not able to find the source of the problem. Please, please - feel free to use the Help Phone located near the main stairs to call the Circulation Desk and report the problem. We'll be happy to help. I'll also work on appropriate signage; however, it's hard to post signs throughout the entire level.
- Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Searching Online Catalog

Suggestion: If i am looking for books on a certain subject, is there a way I can limit the search results to just the juvenile literature section?
Response: At the present time you can search for juvenile books by doing a keyword search such as birds and juvenile. You will receive a few false drops but most of the titles will be juvenile books. By next fall we will have a new system and location searching will be a feature.
- Peggy Cover, Head of Reference
Subject: E Journals

Suggestion: Browsing for the electronic journal has become a real task now. It is very time consuming to get into the journal you want. The previous way of arranging all the journals under an alphabet was very easy and made lot of sense. Is there any special reason to shift into the present format? Going back to the old version would make a student's job (especially graduate) much easier. This one is frustrating!! Kindly look into this problem.
Response: We now access our eJournal list from an outside vendor. This is why the look changed in November. I am working to restore some of the functionality of the old alphabetic list within the vendors framework. I hope this will make it easier for you to use.
We swapped to an outside vendor in order to improve the quality control and increase the speed of getting new titles displayed and older titles updated as they change. We can provide updated titles (about 5 percent
- or 1,200 titles - have some change in any given month) in seconds rather than days. This came at the expense of our customized local pages. We had to trade a better look for an increased percentage of
working titles.
The one change I am working on at the moment will restore the Alphabet bar and the pulldown menu for "Journal of" titles. After that I want to flatten the display a little to decrease the amount of scrolling necessary in the long lists. These changes are on my spring list that I hope to have complete by Spring Break.
- Gordon Cochrane, Electronic Services Librarian

Subject: Space/Electrical

Suggestion: Reduced study space on 5th floor because of lab computers. What we need is more outlets.
Response: Additional electrical outlets & network connections are being added to level six (now!). Tables on level five were re-arranged to accommodate the new workstations.. Three tables were moved to the new study/meeting rooms on level one. Also, network connections will be added to the small cubbies around the interior wall on level five. This will complete the work planned for levels five & six. If you have other concerns or suggestions, please feel free to email me. Thanks.
- Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject: Journal Request

Suggestion: Clemson provides access to Nature journal articles from 1997 to present. Since a great deal of pertinent historical publication is in Nature, Clemson needs to provide more complete access to earlier Nature articles on-line. I examined the website, which indicates individual site licenses for earlier blocks of publication years. Can this be provided?
Thank you, Ian Stocks
Response: Your request will be referred to the Information Access Committee. This Committee, after receiving a budget for backfiles of journals, will consider all requests for future purchases. It will probably be August or September before the budget will be available. According to Nature's webpage, the 1980-1986 backfiles are now available. Other backfiles back to 1950 will become available as digitized and should be completed by Autumn 2006. Pricing is based on FTEs and hopefully we can afford to add.
Peggy Cover, Head of Reference, 656-5173
Subject: Cat link to ILL

Suggestion: Is there anyway that an "interlibrary loan" button could be added to catalog search results page when a book is not owned by Clemson? It seems inefficient to search the catalog and then have to go back to the general library page, to click on the interlibrary loan page.
Response: This is a very good suggestion. Unfortunately, the current catalog and ILL system do not talk to each other. My understanding is that there is a possibility that that might be possible when we bring up our new catalog/library system later this summer. We will certainly investigate that possibility as the system is implemented and see what we can do about bringing that about. Thanks for the suggestion.
Jens Holley, Head of Resource Sharing, 656-5177
Subject: [Thinking Big, Part II]

Suggestion: I believe that an escalator should be added to take students from the fourth to fifth , and from the fifth to sixth floor. Not only would it be classy , but it would also cut down on students socializing on the stairwell.I realize that we also have an elevator, but it seems to always be in use carrying smokers up and down from the first floor. Thank you.
Response:Interesting comment. I'm not sure it's feasible but please keep the ideas & suggestions coming!
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Aramark Suggestion

Suggestion: Would it be possible for Java City and the store on level four to employ waitresses/waiters? I routinely study on level one. When I want a mocca latte or maybe just some bubble gum, I have to pack up all of my books and laptop so that they will not get stolen. Besides being a distraction to those around me, I will probably lose my spot (extremely disheartening especially if is a desk that is next to a power outlet -- a rare find). There could be one waitress/waiter per floor. They could roam the floor sort of like a hotdog vendor at a baseball game roams the stands. Please take this suggestion under consideration.
Response: Your suggestion was forwarded to ARAMark.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Intercom System

Suggestion: You need an intercom system ASAP
Response: We are aware of the need for a PA system for emergency purposes; however the existing infrastructure in the building is an electrician's nightmare. We're holding off for a complete building renovation in the next 2-3 years. Thanks for the comment.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: [Thinking Big]

Suggestion: Is there any way to get a heated/air conditioned tunnel to the fraternity quad? I really need to study, but sometimes the weather is just really disagreeable.
Response:Interesting idea. I'm not sure it's possible - there are tunnels under the campus for the purpose of electrical & other facilities needs. Thanks for the comments - we accept all ideas & suggestions.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Database Purchase

Suggestion: Please subscribe to the ProQuest Dissertations & These Database.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion that the Library should subscribe to the Full Text version of the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. I agree that it would be very beneficial to have this database for research purposes. We will add it to our "want list" Last year we did not receive any funding for new databases. Hopefully, we will receive some funding this coming year for new databases.
Peggy Cover, Head of Reference, 656-5173

Subject: Noise

Suggestion: While it is a positive step that Cooper Library has relaxed rules regarding things like food, hours, etc., the noise level of the major floors is highly inappropriate. While there is to be expected a certain amount of noise due to study groups, the playing of music out loud on personal computers and the overly loud (large groups yelling, play fighting, etc). is not fair to those who actually come to the library to study. Perhaps a gentle reminder to students during exam week would help? Basically the entire 4th and 5th floor are way too loud with people laughing very loudly, yelling and even chasing each other. Is this really an appropriate use of the library?
Response: I agree with your complaint. Now, as to a course of action, that is the difficult thing. Yes, we can crack down on yelling and chasing by use of the security guards who patrol the building. Let me mull this over the summer & perhaps we can do a publicity blitz & more enforcement during the semester.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject: Food options

Suggestion: Please ask your food vendors to carry some vegetarian sandwiches!
Response: We are trying to determine what kind of vegetarian sandwiches will be popular at the library. Can you be more specific? It would be very helpful as we refine our menu selections.
- Mike Lysaght, Aramark Director
Subject: Noise - Bands

Suggestion: 1) Ridiculous there is a band PLAYING, Where you can hear on many levels of the library, where people are trying to study! I am very upset - there is a time & place for everything & the library is NOT for a band! Sincerely, Upset Student!
2) Strong Suggestion: Having a live band during prime study hours at a top 20 library is ridiculous. It ruins concentration and deters students from utilizing the library and its resources. If this university is serious about being in the top 20, it is going to have to get serious ab providing its students with a proper work environment! Terrible idea to allow a LIVE BAND!
3) Are you kidding me? No more bands. Ciao.
Response: The Library is committed to the Midweek Music program and it is well received by the majority of patrons. For approximately thirty minutes one day per month, the lobby is filled with sound. This is a miniscule amount of time compared to the other 148 hours the library is open. We'll be happy to take your complaints under advisement and will certainly give consideration to the type of music. Thanks for the suggestions.
- Joseph F. Boykin, Jr., Dean of Libraries
Subject: Noise in Reserve & Media

Suggestion: Move movies to a talking area. Thanks!!
Response: Reserve & Media Services is considered an unrestricted public area between the hours of 7:30am and 5:00pm daily. Due to the increased amount of students using this room in the evening (with the exception of staff helping patrons at the service desk and with copier equipment) the area is designated a QUIET AREA between the hours of 5:00pm and closing. Sometime in the new year media shelving will be installed that will move the movies to another location in the room away from the tables.
Rosanne Maw, Reserve & Media Manager, 656-3214
Subject: Noise - doors

Suggestion:Oil the hinges on the doors to the quiet levels!! They really mess up the whole quiet idea!
Response:Done. Thanks for the comment.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Electrical 

 The desk's in the lower levels, 1&2, need to have more power outlets so people can charge their computer.
Response:We're investigating the cost to add electrical.
Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject: Ordering

Suggestion:take requests for DVD's to be purchased. Mine: Goodbye Lenin.
Response: Your suggestion was forwarded to the person in charge of ordering.
Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Electrical (3)

Suggestion: I want extension cords. Get some extension cords.
Response: We are investigating adding more electrical to areas in Cooper Library.
Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Brooks Center

Suggestion:Please open Brooks Center for Rest Rooms. -Cheerleading Camp Dad.
Response:Your comment will be forwarded to the Brooks Center.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Government Documents

 I've circled Y twice, but that in no way describes the excellent services rendered by the gov. doc. staff. They are the best!!!!!

Subject: Self-Check Out

Suggestion:Would like to have self-checkout. Could not check out books needed for a major assignment. More study rooms!
Response: We're looking at a self-check machine for the future - just recently implemented a new computer system and need to finish that first. The machines are expensive ($20,000) but we are considering. As to the second comment, we'd love to have more study rooms but we're stuck with the building as configured for now. Perhaps a building renovation will come in the near future or you may want to lobby with student government that students need more study space on campus. Thanks for your comments.
Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Tax Room (2)

Suggestion: The tax room has no door. Can it really be called a room without a door? I think putting the door back on would solve the lack of door problem. There seems to be a door-sized hole in the tax room. Maybe putting the door back on would fill it.
Response: Sorry for the inconvenience but there were security concerns related to the locked door; therefore it was removed and will not be replaced.
Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Bike Rack

Suggestion:We need a bike rack out front, using the rail is gaudy and unattractive.
Response:Thanks for the comment. I'll discuss this suggestion with the Facilities Department. There is a bike rack on the ground level west side but I realize it's not as convenient as the main level.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Sleep Center

 Clemson should have a sleep center on campus for people to take naps. An example would be the one in the World Trade Center Pre- 9/11.
Response:I'm not familiar with a sleep center but we have a good number of patrons who are napping in our lounge furniture.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Microfilm readers 

 Please do something about the microfilm machines in the Reserves area. Only 2 out of 8 or 10 worked today. The others were either out of printing toner, "temporarily" unavailable, or had tape blocking the
coin insert slot. Considering that this is the library of a major university, I expected better. I mean seriously, the local Easley and Anderson public libraries have more modern and reliable microfilm machines than this library. Furthermore, the person at the Reserves desk knew nothing about the machines, so no one could help me. Consider training your Reserves staff in the basic operation of these machines. Better yet, buy new machines and let all of them accept coins. The current situation is deplorable.
Response:First of all please except my apologizes for the bad experience that you had with the machines. There are actually 4 machines that are operational at this time. Two of the 4 have coin-ops and 3 of the 4 have Tiger Stripe. Once our renovation is completed we will have 5 machines and that machine will have coin and Tiger Stripe Out of the rest of the machines, some of those will be surplussed and one or two left for just
reading film. All of our staff and student assistants are trained in the operation and maintenance of the equipment so I don't understand why they couldn't help you. It would be very helpful for me if you could give me the time of day that you were in reserves and if November the 8th was the actual day you were here. That way I can pin-point who was working at the time and find out why they couldn't help you. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Thanks!
Rosanne Maw, Reserve & Media Manager, 656-3214
Subject: Java City Hours

Suggestion: My goal of reworking a manuscript was thwarted by the need of a cup of coffee. Why can't Java City maintain at least a skeletal staff (probably one person) over holiday breaks? Do grad students and faculty at CU not count?
Response: We would love to be open around the clock for every student that comes in the library, however, we carefully balance the needs of both the dining services and the needs of the students for our hours of operation. We will continue working toward the goal of satisfying every Clemson student. Thank you for your comment.
- Mike Lysaght, mlysagh@CLEMSON.EDU, Director, Dining Services
Subject: Level 5 Men's Room

Suggestion:The smell is always horrible in the Java City Men's Restroom. Consider installing ventilation fans!
Response: Your suggestion was forwarded to Facilities Custodial staff for action. Thanks.
Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Third Floor Restroom

Suggestion: Third Floor toilet seat in bathroom on left is broken. Thank you.
Response: Your suggestion was forwarded to Facilities Custodial staff for action. Thanks.
Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Book Return for University Center students

Suggestion:Just wanted to know if there was a book return box at the University Center here in Greenville?
Response:Yes, you can return books at the FW Symmes Library and Media Center at the University Center. The books will be sent directly to the owning library.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Scholar.Google

Suggestion:Is it possible that Clemson's library could participate in the following relationship with Apparently, this is a free service. I believe it may be beneficial to students as well as faculty.
Response:We are already involved in the Google Scholar program. Through"Open WorldCAT" users may now access Clemson Libraries book holdings (including more than 30,000 eBooks) in matching searches. During this (fall) semester additional services will be coming online that will tie together our catalog, our electronic journals, and Google Scholar. We are looking forward to direct article linking that our new catalog will allow. It will take the already content-rich experience of our database and ejournal subscriptions and allow authorized Clemson users to access via Google's world-famous interface.
Gordon Cochrane, Electronic Services Librarian, 656-1535

Suggestion: The parking is terrible here. I think a multi-level parking deck is DESPERATELY needed outside of the Cooper Library, possibly where the small parking lot is now. You could have entrances from the parking deck to the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. Not only would this solve the parking problem, but it would probably keep people from congregating right in the front doors, which can be a hassle at times.
Response: The area next to the library would not be conducive to building a parking structure. To allow for proper entrance and exit would require us to take a much larger portion of the grounds around the library than
would be appropriate. The cost to build a parking structure is approximately 10K to 15K. Clemson Unversity is looking at several possible locations to build a parking structure, the closest one for that area would be across from the Hendrix Student Center.
Geary Robinson, Director of Parking Services
Subject: MS Office

Suggestion:I heard that there was an updated version of Microsoft Office available for download at the library. Where can I find this? Do I have to bring my computer to download it? Or can I check it out? Is it
available for download online?
Response:We have Microsoft Office 2003 available in Reserve & Media Services for check out. You can check it out for one (1) day to download to your computer. I don't know if it is available to download
on-line. You would need to contact the DCIT help desk at 656-3494.
Rosanne Maw, Interim Unit Head Reserve & Media, 656-3214

Subject: Noise Level 3

Suggestion:Signs need to be put up on the 3rd floor about "quiet, please". People need a reminder, it's way too loud!
Response:Please stop by a service desk, library office or at the security desk to report noise problems. We'll deal with the situation immediately. We need more details such as what time of day & the exact location of the noise problem. Signage may help.....I'll investigate this.
Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Faculty Copiers

Suggestion: One Copier has been down for a month (that I am aware of) the other one was jammed. I fixed that jam got to copy 3 pages then jammed again. No one could clear the second jam. The otherwise "Good" copier is in disrepair and needs replaced. The cover is broken the paper tray to receive the copies is broken. How old is the "Good" copier anyway.
Response: We are in the process of phasing them out, and going to departmental cards so that any copier in the library may be used. Those particular copiers are so old that they can no longer be repaired (the companies no longer have parts for them), so we are trying to speed up the process of the changeover. You should be hearing about this effort from your departments shortly. Thanks.
Jens Holley, Head of Resource Sharing & Copier Services, 656-5177
Subject: Copiers

Suggestion:I can't find anyone to help me solve the paper jam. A student is supposed to sit at the desk and help but that person disappeared.
Response:There should have been somebody at the desk, and we apologize for there not being one. During the intersessions and the beginning of the semester, our full complement of copier students takes a while to get finalized. This was probably a case where we only had the one student on duty, and he/she was off doing something else for us. Again, we do apologize for the inconvience.
Jens Holley, Head of Resource Sharing & Copier Services, 656-5177



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