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2008 Suggestions

Subject: Sustainability

Suggestion: Please put paper towels in RR.
Response: I'm making an assumption that you are referring to the 4 th floor restrooms. There are no plans to place paper towel dispensers in those restrooms. It was a hard choice but part of an effort to "go green".
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Trash cans

Suggestion: Please put trash cans near chairs in front lobby.
Response: Thanks for noticing. The cans that are normally in the lobby vanished. I'll have more put in place.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Graffiti

Suggestion: Have you ever heard of paint for the stalls in the men's room? Sorry but that stuff is extremely offensive.
Response: Thanks for the report. The facilities department will take care of it.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Columns

Suggestion: The columns in front of the library holding up the roof are very ugly to look at.
Response: Some would say the columns are one of our best features but thanks for your opinion.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Holiday/Break Hours

Suggestion: Just a thought since it's spring break and there's hardly anyone here, does it make financial sense to be open so late?
Response: There were 600 - 700 people in the building daily Monday - Thursday during spring break; however we'll gladly review the numbers and costs for the future. The Reference Desk closed at 5:00pm (normal holiday/intercession hours). Thanks for your comment and we will consider it. We do want to be fiscally responsible.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Earplugs

Suggestion: (2) Get more earplugs
Response: Earphones are available for check out at the Circulation Desk. Also, we are investigating the sell of earphones in the vending machine. Stay tuned for more information about this topic!
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Magazines

Suggestion: Do the magazines over near the TVs ever get put back on the shelves? It seems like there have been piles of them sitting around for a long time.
Response: Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. This issue is now resolved.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Popular Reading 

Suggestion: Is it possible to incorporate more popular reading books into the popular reading section of the library?
Response: We'd love to buy more books for the Popular Reading section, but we have limited space and a very limited budget. We currently receive every book that hits the top 10 on the New York Times Fiction Bestseller List, every book that receives a long review in the New York Times Book Review, and the winners of major book awards. In addition, we select books of regional interest and books that receive publicity or reviews in national media.

We actually have a much larger number of popular reading books than you see at any given time in the Popular Reading area. Because of our space limitations, we have to move books out of this area to the main collection on a regular basis to make room for new books as they come in. If you don't see something you were hoping to see, please check the catalog on the computer by the window in the Popular Reading area or ask at the Reference Desk for assistance; we will frequently have a book that would be considered "popular," but it will be located on another floor.

If you have in mind a specific author or a specific type of book that you'd like to see more of, we would love to hear about it. The majority of our budget goes for the types of books listed above, but if we have any money left over, we try to respond to patron suggestions. You can fill out a suggestion slip in the Popular Reading area or use the form on the webpage:

hank you for your interest in our Popular Reading collection. We're happy to hear you would like there to be more of it.
- Pam Draper , Popular Reading Librarian

Subject: Electrical  

Suggestion: We should be able to rent power strips at the front desk.
Response: No can do. Sorry! It's a fire code violation (which incidentally we aren't enforcing if you bring your own).
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Electrical

Suggestion: (2 total) more power outlets!
Response: There's a tentative plan to provide more electrical in the building. We're waiting on a cost estimate; however the project, if approved, won't take place until summer 2008.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172
Subject: Email to scan

Suggestion: Scan to email on copiers was wonderful and please add it to the copiers at Architecture Library.
Response: Thanks for the suggestion. We are in the process of implementing.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager
Subject: Scanners

Suggestion: Scanners would be very nice for students (color). LSU has them, I'm just saying.
Response: Cooper Library has three scanners for public use on the 5 th floor, across from the Help Desk. Two of them can handle 8.5 x 11 items and one can handle 11 x 17; all do color.
- Beth Helsel, Systems Librarian
Subject: Webcams

Suggestion: We have a lot of live webcams on building exteriors. Why can't we get a webcam in the library so that we can see how crowded it is? This would be a great tool for people to use when looking for a place to study.
Response: Thanks for your suggestion. We discussed the webcam idea in our User Services Group and decided that to be really useful for studying purposes we would have to have cameras in many spots within the building. The traffic in the lobby isn't a very good indicator of the availability of space in many of our study areas. There are also privacy and individual security issues that attend having real time pictures of areas of the library on a web page. For all these reasons we decided not to put up a webcam in Cooper Library.
- Beth Helsel, Systems Librarian
Subject: Paper Waste

Suggestion: The paper waste in the library and other printing areas on campus is wasteful, unsightly, and unproductive. The current system of printing out cover sheets with students names is only a step in the right direction to organize waste. I just recently transfered from college of Charleston where the library had a innovative way of eliminating waste. All the printers are controlled by individual computers that are positioned next to the printers. When a student prints a document, the file is sent to a cache on the printing computer, and it is not printed out until the student logs in with their student id and tells the printer to print. With this method, students are not crowding around the printer while it spits out page after page of backlogged files. instead, students wait in an orderly line to sign in and print their documents. please look into this technology, i'm sure the computing people at CofC would be glad to help you get started.
Response: Thanks for the comment. It has been forwarded to the CCIT Department for consideration.
- Beth Helsel, Systems Librarian
Subject: Lighting

Suggestion: Lights outside on the 4 th floor so people can study out there at night.
Response: Good suggestion. We'll forward to the Facilities Department for consideration.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager
Subject: Laptop

Suggestion: Laptop checkouts for 2 hours are convenient. But the average battery lasts 1 hour. All power cords are almost always checked out. Power cords = cheap. Have at least 1 per machine and a few extra. Don't give out the cords without a computer.
Response: We have ordered and received more chargers for the laptops. This problem should be resolved now.
- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager

Suggestion: You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!
Response: Thanks!

Subject: Hold/Recall Screen


Suggestion: When I go to put a recall/hold on a book, there's a place to put a date -- "Cancel if not filled by..." or something like that. I have 2 choices for years : 2007 and 2008. Why is 2007 still there, since it's way in the past? And why is 2009 not there?
Response: Thanks for noticing! This problem has now been corrected.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172 .

Subject: Email notification

Suggestion: Email notification. Please fix the email notification system for overdue books. It is not working as it should.
Response: We can't guarantee email notification (it's just not within the means of the system to do so). What we suggest instead is that you use "My Library Account" and whatever calendaring system you have to keep track of due dates and renewals. We do run notices daily and feel that the majority do reach our patrons but there's no guarantee. Please use MLA - we highly recommend it!

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager.

Subject: Renewal System

Suggestion: For some reason it is not letting me renew my book this morning.
Response: Maybe our library system needs coffee first thing in the morning! Seriously, I checked your account and everything looks ok. I hope perhaps it's a rogue occurrence. I renewed the book and let me know if problems continue. Thanks for reporting.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager.

Subject: Online Renewals

Suggestion: Currently I have three books out that are due November 5th. I would like to renew them. May I do that online?
Response: Yes you may. Please use "My Library Account" located on the home page at . Log in and review the list of books and select the renewal box. If you have problems, there's a questions button at the bottom or call the Circulation Desk at (864)656-1557.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172.

Suggestion: : (1 of 4) I had requested Clemson University library to please inform when the following arrives: Title = _____________________________ I just checked my items checked out list and found that this has arrived and that it is due by 4 December. I was not informed that the book has arrived or that it was taken.
Response: The Pascal Delivers and Interlibrary Loan system suffered a communication breakdown and system emails weren't generated to inform patrons that books had arrived. We apologize for the inconvenience. The problem has, since, been resolved (we believe). If you experience problems, please contact the Resource Sharing Office at (864)656-5186.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172.

Subject: Noise

Suggestion: there are 2 girls sitting with a cart w/books on level 3 -students? employees?

they are talking - on a quiet floor and they are not working - but sitting. should they be working? they should not be talking

they should NOT be put TOGETHER if any work is expected

Response: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It is now resolved.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172.

Subject: Title Purchase Request

Suggestion: Is the library going to purchase a copy of Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer? You have the others in the Twilight series.
Response: It was ordered for the Childrens/Young Adult section in September, but has not yet arrived.

Response from Pam Draper, Popular Reading Librarian.

Subject: Printing

Suggestion: Always at the beginning of the year there is a pile of people waiting for the printer. A sign should be posted asking persons printing documents to please:

A. Print in moderation

1. When printing multiple documents of 25 pages or more, do not print them all at once, unless attending the library during non-busy hours.

B. When printing power point presentations, to please print them in handout mode, 4 or more slides per page, they are viewable on an 8.5x11 inch paper.

This will not only save on cartridges but also on paper. People grow tired of waiting on that one page they need while someone else prints out an entire ream of documents.

Response: Your comments were forwarded to CCIT. You may also call the Help Desk directly for assistance at (864)656-3494.

Subject: Catalog Problem

Suggestion: there seems to be a problem in the catalog with several titles not having call numbers, see the two below.

Title Fundamentals of deformation and annealing : proceedings of the International Symposium held to coincide with the retirement of Professor John Humphreys in Manchester, UK, 5th-7th September 2006 / edited by P.B. Prangnell and P.S. Bate.

Publication info. Uetikon-Zuerich, Switzerland ; Enfield, NH : Trans Tech Publications, c2007.

Location Call No. Status

Cooper Library v.550 (2007) AVAILABLE

Description xiii, 649 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

Series Materials science forum, 0255-5476 ; v. 550


Conference International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials (9th : 2006 : Chengdu, China) Title Superplasticity in advanced materials : ICSAM 2006 : proceedings of the 9th International conference on superplasticity in advanced materials, 23-26 June 2006, Chengdu, P. R., China / Edited by K. F. Zhang.

Publication info. Zuerich : Trans Tech Publications, 2007.

Location Call No. Status

Cooper Library v.551/552 (2007) AVAILABLE

Description xiv, 664 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

Series Materials science forum, 0255-5476 ; v. 551-552

Response: Thanks for noticing and the call number is now complete.

Subject: Bathroom

Suggestion: The middle stall of the girl's bathroom in Java City has a cracked seat. It pinches your legs when you sit on it. Can it be fixed? Thanks.
Response: Fixed. Thanks!

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager.

Subject: Recall/Hold Question

Suggestion: (1 of 3) How do I request for a book? and when do I know that it is available.
Response: Above the title and to the left is a button "hold/recall". Select this button and follow the prompts.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager.

Subject: Request for book from another library

Suggestion: I have made a request for a book from another library. Will you notify me or do I continue to check at the Cooper Library for its arrival.
Response: You will receive an email notification. Students can pick up the material at the 4 th floor Circulation Desk or for employees, the item(s) is delivered.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager.

Subject: Temperatures

Suggestion: Hi I am a graduate student here and have quite often stayed late at night in the study rooms on the 4th and 5th floor. Of late during early morning hours, it tends to get a lot cold. with the air conditioner working as normal. I sincerely request you to lower the cooling in the early morning hours.
Response: Cooper is in the midst of an extensive heating & air-conditioning project. Temperatures will continue to fluctuate until the project is completed in December 2008. It is also true that during the times you mention, there are less people in the building and that contributes to the cooler temperatures.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager

Subject: Compliment

Suggestion: Re: Circulation & Reference: No complaints whatsoever!
Response: Thanks!

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager

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