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2011 Suggestions

December 5, 2011

Subject:  Journal Searching in Catalog

Suggestion: Why is it so hard to find a journal by title in the catalog?  I was looking for "The Nation" and when I put it in as a title search, I got thousands of entries.  Even when I limited it to Journal Title in my search the first record for "Nation" is for three different journals that were not the one that I was looking for.  Then, I found the journal was called "Nation New York NY"  How was I to know that was the title I needed to put in?  Is there any way for the catalog to let you know that what you're looking at is a journal title?

Response: We've fixed it so that when you do a journal title search, Nation (the American publication) will appear in the top group.  It is definitely more complicated to find a journal when there are several with the same title.

Response from Kathryn Wesley, Serials & Government Documents Cataloger, Associate Librarian


December 5, 2011


Subject:  Academic Search Premier Problem?

Suggestion: When I was using Academic Search Premier, I needed to go back to the Clemson Home Page, but the link that went "home" says "provided to you by the Clemson Libraries".  Can it not say that it's a link to the home page?

Response:  We need more information in order to help you with this.  What browser/operating system are you using? 

Response from Gordon Cochrane, Discovery Systems Librarian,


December 2, 2011

Subject:  Copiers

Suggestion: Why are there no instructions for how to scan on the photocopiers? And why do I need to put in a quarter for something that's free? And why does this stupid form not erase the words that are in it when you start to type?

Response:  There ARE instructions on all of the copiers (unless someone removed?).   Wish we knew which copier you were using.  Regardless, we are working on a POSTER size set of instructions for each machine to be placed on the wall behind it.  The quarter is a SYSTEM flaw and nothing we can do about it.  We've asked the manufacturer for a fix but none is coming.  Sorry!  On a positive note, I can say that the Suggestion form was fixed so thanks for mentioning that.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager,


November 28, 2011

Subject:  Rentable Rooms

Suggestion: The Library is always crowded, especially during exam times and finals. Why not build an office, delegating a certain number of rooms to students? The office could possibly have a commons area for groups, but its primary purpose would be to provide an exclusive study area for juniors and seniors (possibly even grad students). This would only be for students who do not already have an office elsewhere on campus. Perhaps there could be an office fee? Or, assuming not all the offices are taken by junior, seniors, or graduate students, undergraduates could pay a semester fee to use their designated office (much like a post office box rental). This would not only provide much needed extra space, but could also potentially generate revenue for the university.

Response: thanks for your comments.  We'll take it under advisement.  There's such competition for our spaces and we only have a limited number of rooms.  Although I will mention that in the new few months we are adding FIVE more reserve-able study rooms. Again, thanks for your comments.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager,


November 26, 2011

Subject:  Compliment

Suggestion: I think you guys should throw yourselves a party. You are great!!!!

Response:  So nice to hear such comments from our patrons!

Response from Teri Alexander,, 656-5172

November 16, 2011

Subject:  Mid-week Music

Suggestion: I loved the music today in the library! It was just what I needed to calm my nerves as I studied on the fourth floor. I wasn't expecting it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you!

Response:  Glad you enjoyed it.

Response from Teri Alexander,, 656-5172

November 14, 2011

Subject: Seating

Suggestion: There needs to be more seating

Response: There are a couple of upcoming projects that will address the need for more seating. Over the December break, new furniture will arrive for the 4th floor Learning Commons that will, in essence, double the seating in that area. Also work has begun to renovate 3 rooms into study rooms. In upcoming months, two additional rooms will be built on the first floor! Please visit the Library News Blog for information as these projects proceed!

Response from Teri Alexander,, 656-5172


November 9, 2011

Subject:  Ebook Rentals

Suggestion: Please join Overdrive and offer ebook rentals! :)

Response: Thank you for the suggestion! We are currently looking at new ways to provide ebooks and audiobooks for our patrons. Overdrive is just one of the products on our list for evaluation. You may be interested to know that we will offer audiobook downloads through Recorded Books in the near future. In the meantime, check out your local public library; both Anderson County and Pickens County Libraries are offering ebooks and audiobooks via Overdrive.

Response from Suzanne Schilf, Head of Reference,


November 3, 2011

Subject: Noise

Suggestion: Post signs about being courteous to others around you when using cell phones! Someone today was on the 6th floor while on was on the 5th studying in a cubicle and they were very disturbing!

Response: Let us help you with this problem. Call the security desk at (864) 656-6194 and report the problem. Or send an instant message to the desk using the screen name: culibraryguard. We will respond right away.

Response from Teri Alexander,, 656-5172 

October 13, 2011

Subject:  Reserving Rooms

Suggestion:  To Whom it May Concern,  I need to reserve a room for a Political Science 101 review session next Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm.How do I go about this reservation?

Response:  Visit the library home page  and click on study/meeting rooms.  Follow the instructions for making reservations.  Contact the Circulation Desk (656-1557) if you need help!

Response from Teri Alexander,, 656-5172

October 13, 2011

Subject:  Fine

Suggestion:  Why is there a fine on my account?

Response:  Many patrons confuse overdues and fines.  A fine notice is  generated if/when you return an item that is late.  Prior to return it is considered to be ”overdue”.  My Library Account will show you items overdue plus any fines that are outstanding.  Please contact the Circulation Desk by phone 656-1557 or in person for help with these matters!  You can also certainly contact me. 

Response from Teri Alexander,, 656-5172

October 13, 2011

Subject:  Rooms

Suggestion: I was just in room 208 studying because I thought it was a first come first serve room, but I got kicked out because someone reserved it. Is there another room available that I can use?

Response:  Please contact the Circulation Desk immediately by phone 656-1557 or in person for help.  A supervisor is on duty all hours the desk is open and can help you very quickly! 

Response from Teri Alexander,, 656-5172


Subject:  Saving Work on lab machines

Suggestion: If you don't save your document before leaving a workstation, word should autosave.  I went outside today to read over my thesis and make notes, I came back a half hour later to find my user name had been logged off (understandable) and that all the additions I had made were lost forever.  I was hoping when I logged back on that word would auto recover my work, but I was sorely mistaken.  Although I should have saved before I got up, I feel that the workstation should save any open documents before logging off.  Mozilla saved all my search tabs, why can't microsoft save all open documents?

Response:  Patron referred to CCIT and given contact information.  Comment forwarded to Brandon Hall, CCIT,, 656-8144. 


October 11, 2011

Subject:  Scan to email instructions

Suggestion: Can you please, please, please put directions on how to email a photocopy on EVERY copier in the building? Thanks.

Response:  A copy of instructions was provided with each copier but we recognize that perhaps some are now missing.  We are sending a student employee to check each and every machine today (10/11/2011) and we'll replace any that are missing.  For your convenience you could also ask at the Circulation Desk and we'll provide you with a copy.

Response from Teri Alexander,, Circulation & Facilities Manager.


October 11, 2011

Subject:  Order

Suggestion: Can I request you to purchase the following books for your library:

Title: Empowering and Disempowering Indigenes: Australian Aboriginal Experience

Author: Khairul Chowdhury;

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publisher; 2010, Saarbrucken, Germany

ISBN: 978-3-8383-4953-4



Title: Three Bangladeshi Plays considered in Postcolonial Context            

Response:  Thank you for the suggestions.  Your requests will be forwarded to the appropriate subject librarians who will evaluate the titles in regard to the needs of our collection.

Reponse from: Suzanne Schilf,, Head of Reference



Subject:  Java City

Suggestion: The coffee shop should be open later for the night owls.

Response:  Comment forwarded to Jamie Dill, Java City Manager, 656-6858 and David Raiger, Aramark Director,,  656-6412


Subject:  Lab machines and social networking sites

Suggestion: I feel that the library should block social networking sites after a period of time to limit the wasteful use of work stations during peak hours.  Putting a block on sites such as facebook and reddit would help students be more productive as well as alleviating the stress of trying to find an unoccupied computer and seeing 50% of computer users on facebook. 

Response:  Comment forwarded to Brandon Hall, CCIT,, 656-8144

Subject: Calendar

Suggestion: Is anyone ever going to update the Hours Calendar on the Cooper Hours page? It's not January anymore. Or even February.

 Response: Apologies for the oversight.  The calendar is now posted and correct.

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject: Cleaning Computers

Suggestion: Hello: I know that cleaning the keyboards, monitors, and CPUs throughout the library is a major task however, a number of the computers are extremely dirty. I understand if this is not something that staff of CCIT and the staff of Library have the time to take one but I would suggest that this become a Clemson family project. Possibly purchase a fixed amount of cleaning supplies and ask that patrons of the library come and check out the supplies as needed. This will hold the community responsible for keeping the communal technological property clean as well as improve the appearance of our institution. Thank you for accepting my suggestion.

Response:  Terrific idea.  We'll start right away and employ the use of volunteers or students performing community service.  Thanks!

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject:  Library Hours

Suggestion: Please keep the library open all the time!  It is very VERY inconvenient when trying to get school work done through out the semester.  There are certain resources that can only be accessed through the library.  I am also very offended that it does not open till 10 AM and 12 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  As a student who pays fees to use these resources they should be available to me 24/7.

Response:  Saturday and Sunday mornings are generally the slowest days/times of the week for Cooper Library.  During tight budget times, we must consider allocating our resources when the library is very busy and heavily used.  We really can’t afford to extend hours and find that most patrons are satisfied with the current hours.  We will, however, keep your comment under advisement for future should we be able to expand hours.  Thanks for emailing us.

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject:  Scantron Problem

Suggestion: In the vending machine, the biological sciences scantron is in one of the biology rows, which is wrong. When I put in the number, I got the wrong scantron. I need the orange with square bubbles, not the orange one with round bubbles.

Response: We're so sorry. We'll do our best to ensure that this doesn't happen again. In addition, you can always get a refund at the Circulation desk.

- Fredda Owens, Circulation Manager. 656-4499


Subject:  Lack of Quiet Individual Study Space

Suggestion: I appreciate the increased collaborative space in the library, but question the loss of quiet study space.  Also, when I am looking for quiet study space I want a corner where I'm more tucked away from even other people studying.  I find that when looking for quiet study space, people never sit in cubicles next to an occupied cubicle, and prefer ones against the wall, or even better the corner cubicles.  I think with CCIT moving to the library and some of the other restructuring, these quite, tucked away study spots which are essential to students have really suffered. 

Response:  Thank you so much for your comment.  I think I understand exactly what you mean.  The individual study carrels that were formerly located around the exterior wall on 2nd floor were moved over to the east side in order to separate the carrels from group tables.  Since the shelving was removed from the 2nd floor the natural barrier which kept things quiet was removed!  In addition, some of the study carrels were relocated to the 1st floor.  We are doing a careful study of the space and will be glad to take your comments for future planning.  Again, thanks so much.  We want the comments!

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject: Online Journal Access

Suggestion: I suggest that someone fix online access to the Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery.  It says the link requires a text file to be modified upon click through, or something to that effect.  Thanks.

Response:  Thanks so much for the quick email.  The problem was resolved the same day!

-Gordon Cochrane, Discovery Services Librarian.


Subject: New Photocopiers

Suggestion:  In using the new photocopiers, I am finding that scanning large number of pages is much slower than former photocopiers. I usually have 100 or more pages at a time to do, it usually is taking me about 4 times as long do it.

Response: Thanks for the comment.  We, too, have noticed the slight slow down and hope that it's due to the much improved quality of the scan!  We'd like to monitor the situation and will revisit after the machines get more usage.  Again, thanks for the comment and please keep us posted.  

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject:  Call number indicators on 5th floor

Suggestion: It's real hard to find stuff on 5 in the rs because there are no numbers on the ends of the aisles.  Why is that?

Response:  Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention.  We’ll correct the problem ASAP.

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject: Book Reviews

Suggestion: Create a section on your website of book reviews or a recommended books section.  We'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Response: We think this is a great idea!  Creating a book review/recommendation section would require careful planning and coordination in order to manage for the long term.  We'd also have to find someone who has the interest and time to devote to the project in addition to their regular job duties.  But it's a possibility and something that could add an interesting element to our website.  Thanks for the suggestion!

- Suzanne Rook Schlif, Head of Reference, 656-6834

Subject:  CCIT Desk


Response:  Thanks for the report.  Your comment was forwarded to Brandon Hall, Director of Customer Support.

Subject:  Printing Problem

Suggestion: The printer in the corner near the CCIT teaching office is not working.

Response:  Thanks and via a phone call  CCIT responded right away and fixed the printer.  Feel free to use or phone 656-3494 with printing related problems but we’re happy to forward your comments or requests.

Subject:  CCIT Desk

Suggestion: It's Thus night 11/18 and no one is at the CCIT help desk on the main floor. Why have the desk at all?

Response:  Thanks for the report.  Your comment was forwarded to Brandon Hall, Director of Customer Support.  Feel free to use or phone 656-3494 with problems but we’re happy to forward your comments or requests.

Subject:  2nd floor construction area

Suggestion: The area on level 2 behind the construction is really nasty. Needs a vacuum, broom, or shovel.

Response:  Thanks for noticing and reporting this.  The custodians took care of it right away.

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject:  Noise level on 2nd floor

Suggestion: This is a suggestion/complaint. I am on the second floor of the library and I can't even concentrate because so many people are talking. It's turned into a social floor rather than a quiet floor. I know at one point.

Response:  Thanks for the comment.  We took advantage of a break to print more signs and table tents asking students to please be considerate.  We hope that the signs will help with awareness and enforcement.  We’re having a real challenge with that space – it tends to be quiet during the day and very noisy at night.  The large tables attract groups but 2nd floor has publicized “quiet” areas.  Please give us some time to study the space and perhaps we can make some furnishing modifications to help.  Thanks for your patience.

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject:  Hole Punch on 4th floor

Suggestion: The library needs to replace the electronic hole punch on the 4th floor desperately. It constantly jams up and even when it does work it never punches out the top hole. I know for a fact that it has been broken for at least 2 years, and I find it hard to believe that with all of the money that is getting funneled into the library right now that we can’t afford a new hole punch. Thanks.

Response:  This is puzzling to us.  The hole punch is working just fine now.  In our experience people try to punch too many pages and it jams.  Sorry you had a less than satisfactory experience.  We’ll  monitor it.

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject:  Learning Commons

Suggestion: Please place some signs in the learning commons that tell people where to go if they need quiet. Talking is acceptable in this area, right? 

Response:  Thanks for the comment.  Yes, talking is acceptable in the Learning Commons.  Summer 2011 User Services Group members will be reviewing current spaces, furnishing, signage, etc. and will carefully consider what needs to be addressed to prepare for fall.  Rather than paper signage, we’d prefer to advertise and announce the use of spaces and where to go for which type of space (quiet individual, go to _____ floor, group/collaborative work, go to _____ floor.)  You get the general idea.  Please watch for important information and announcements about this.

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

Subject:  Book hold/recall service

Suggestion: Please make it easier on the Libraries' webpage for employees to request a book be checked out and delivered.
Response: In December 2010, a brand new service was rolled out so that patrons can click on “hold/request” and order items to be pulled from the general collection.  We believe that this is a huge improvement and hope many will use the service!

- Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager, 656-5172

 Subject:  User name/user id

Suggestion:  Suggestion about library website:  When asked to login to my library account you are required to enter your Clemson username and password. However, you are asked for your CUID and password.  A clemson username is entirely different from a CUID. A username is the portion of your clemson e-mail address before the @ symbol. A CUID is a nine digit assigned number every student is assigned. So instead of asking for "Clemson User ID" (which it obviously does not want) Why don't you ask for what it does want? That is, a username. Doing this should eliminate virtually all phone calls from students with problems logging in.

Response:  You are so right and this change was made very quickly.  Thanks so much!

- Gordon Cochrane, Discovery Services Librarian.


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