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2012 Suggestions

Date:  December 10, 2012

Subject:  Facilities

Suggestion: It would be helpful if disinfectant wipes were made available in the library. Often time work spaces are left dirty.

Response:  Custodians are on duty every hour of the day and night.  Stop by Security Desk, give us the location and we'll take care of it for you.

Response from Teri Alexander, Facilities Manager, 656-5172.


Date:  December 3, 2012

Subject:  Materials Purchase Request

Suggestion: Hi! Could we get the journal "Evolution: Education and Outreach" from Springer?  It would be very useful for me as I improve my laboratory course offerings, as well as for the Evolution course by M.Ptacek in BioSci and for teaching high school teachers about how to 'teach' evolutionary genetics.

The website for this journal is below:

Dept. Genetics and Biochemistry;  210 Biosystems Research Complex

status: Faculty

Response:  Thank you for the suggestion.  Your requests will be forwarded to the appropriate subject librarian who will evaluate the title in regard to the needs of our collection.

Reponse from: Suzanne Schilf,, Head of Reference


Date:  October 8, 2012

Subject:  Hours

Suggestion: Why does the calendar in the elevators say that the library is open 24 hours on Sundays if the library doesn't open until noon?

Response:  Good point - calendars changed! Thanks.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager.



 Date:  October 8, 2012


Subject:  Noise

Suggestion: There should be silence mediators walking around and making sure the volumes of people's voices do not get out of hand.

Response:  Security Coordinators or Officers do patrol the building and respond as necessary.  You can also call the Security Desk at 656-6194 or send an instant message to "culibraryguard" for an immediate response. 

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager.


Date: September, 2012


Suggestion: I think it would be awesome if you had a place where you could buy uncoiled scantrons in the library. Hendrix closes too early and some people for get to buy their scantrons until later. Also, professors DO NOT take scantrons that are curled into a circle from the library vending machine. Thanks!!

Response:  Great news - scantrons are being sold at the Circulation Desk. 

Response from Fredda Owens, Circulation Desk Manager, 656-4499.



Date:  September 5, 2012

Suggestion: I think more plants are needed on the balcony. Like when they had the big party. they really had it nice.

Response:  We agree but the removal of the trees and subsequent heat on the balcony has caused problems for the remaining plants.  It's a "wait and see" situation.  Thanks for the comment.

Response from Teri Alexander, Circulation & Facilities Manager.


Suggestion: Can you do something about the coke machine choices? Please get rid of so many diet coke options and add diet dr pepper, sprite zero and more coke zero. Thanks!

Response:  We will be doing a lot of brand changes in the upcoming weeks, starting around mid July.  With our new contract that starts July 1st, we will be adding Dr Pepper brands to vending as well as some other options.  Thank you for sending me the feedback, as I always welcome ideas to make things better.  Just to let you know you may see some newer machines and different drink options.

Response from Dee Clark, Coke


Suggestion: Having the ladies at the reference desk keep their volume level at one appropriate for a library would be a welcome change. I have tried to study several times on the 4th floor only to be interrupted by these people having loud personal conversations with one another.

Response:  Thank you for sending the comment. We do take your suggestion seriously and it has been shared with all the reference librarians. 

Response from Suzanne Rook Schilf, Head of Reference

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