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Color copying and scan-to-email equipment are available in Cooper Library (main) and Gunnin Architecture Library in Lee Hall. Copies cost $0.15 using a Tigerstripe (declining balance) card or a Visitor Card. Copiers produce a high quality print and have the capability to print on card stock. Duplex copies or larger formats cost $0.30. Scan-to-email files are limited to 40 pages or 25MB.   


  • Fourth Floor - Cooper Library
  • Fifth Floor - Cooper Library
  • Architecture Library - Lee Hall

Add money to your TigerStripe account online or use the VTS machine in the POD at Cooper Library on the 4th floor. If you don't have a TigerStripe account, you may purchase a Visitor Card from the VTS machine and add money to it at any time. 

Refunds are not issued on site or on demand. Submit a Copier Refund Request to receive instructions on how to get a refund.

For help with Cooper Library photocopiers, please ask at the Circulation Desk or call (864) 656-1557.

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