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Copying in Cooper Library

All photocopiers in Cooper and the branches have the ability to scan in color to email or an external flash drive. Copies are available for the low fee of $0.15 using a Tigerstripe or Visitor Card. Copiers produce a high quality scan or print and have the capability to print on card stock. Due to campus mail restrictions, the limit for file size is 40 pages or 25MB. 

Select copiers have the ability to print in color for the same fee of $0.15 per single 8.5 x 11 page. (Duplex copies or larger formats are $0.30.)

Copier NumberLocationSingle Page CostCapabilityPayment Method Allowed
4A Fourth floor popular reading area near Mac multimedia workstations $0.15 black & white/fax tigerstripe
4B Fourth floor west near balcony doors popular reading area $0.15 black & white/ color tigerstripe
5A Fifth floor near Java City $0.15 black & white/ color tigerstripe
5B Fifth floor east $0.15 black & white tigerstripe
STI Strom Thurmond Institute reading area $0.15 black & white tigerstripe
Arch Architecture Library- Lee Hall $0.15 black & white/ color tigerstripe

Add money to your TigerStripe account online or use the VTS machine in the POD at Cooper Library on the 4th floor. If you don't have a TigerStripe account, you may purchase a Tiger 1 Visitor Card from the VTS machine and add money to it at any time. 

For help with Cooper Library photocopiers, please ask at the Circulation Desk or call (864) 656-1557.

Refunds are not issued on site or on demand. Submit a Copier Refund Request to receive instructions on how to get a refund.

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