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Eat Smart. Play Hard.™

In June 2006, the USDA, Food and Nutrition Service launched two new web pages that will help kids, parents, and caregivers to Eat Smart and Play Hard ™. The new resources will also assist the target audience in putting the new Dietary Guidelines and MyPyramid recommendations into action.

Eat Smart. Play Hard. The Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ kids’ web page connects kids to healthy eating and physical activity experiences within the community. It provides kids with interactive learning and skill-building experiences in a virtual community setting. The web page encourages and motivates kids to make better lifestyle choices using kid-friendly entertaining techniques. Power Panther, the campaign spokes-character, leads kids in exploring the Town Library, Theater, Fitness Center, Power Tunes Store, Post Office, Eat Smart Grill, Fun Times Arcade, and Travel Center. Behind each door in this virtual community, kids learn healthy lifestyle skills through geography, music, reading, and science activities. This web page is filled with songs, experiments, activity sheets, comics, clipart, worksheets, games, posters, e-cards, recipes, and other materials that help to form and reinforce healthy behaviors.

Nutrition Explorations

Nutrition Explorations

The Nutrition Explorations Web site contains information on MyPyramid for kids, parents, educators, and school food service personnel. Features include classroom lesson plans, teacher idea exchange, a healthy school resource, and the latest news on nutrition. Families can obtain information on family meal planning, recipes, and healthy snacking tips. Kids can log on and have their selection of many online games!

MyPyramid Blast Off Game

MyPyramid Blast

The MyPyramid Blast off game is an interactive computer game where kids can reach Planet Power by fueling their rocket with food and physical activity. “Fuel” tanks for each food group help students keep track of how their choices fit into MyPyramid.

Visit for games, scavenger hunt, fitness challenge, and recipes that will “rock the kitchen!”

Spot the Block

Spot the Block

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Cartoon Network have launched “Spot the Block”, a public education campaign to encourage “tweens,” youth ages 9 to 13 to use the Nutrition Facts information on the food labels. This site contains games and information.

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