Clemson on iTunesU

Clemson on iTunes U provides access to digital audio, video, image and pdf files through a customized version of Apple iTunes.

Lucy's Tasty Treasures is now on iTunes U!! To access please go to: www.clemson.edu/itunesu.

If you are a university employee or student, you can click to log in with your university ID:

Log In with Clemson ID

If you are not a university employee or student, click on "Log In No ID Required":

Log In No ID Required

All users of Clemson on iTunes U must have iTunes installed. The software is available for free at www.apple.com/itunes/download.

Click on Food Science and Human Nutrition Link within iTunes U

When iTunes U opens, click on the "Food Science and Human Nutrition" link.

Then, you can click on the Lucy's Tasty Treasures links to access information about Lucy's Tasty Treasures and over 20 "Tasty Bites."

Lucy's Tasty Treasures