Agribusiness (B.S.)


  • In S.C. from 2009 to 2013 — during the worst economy in 80 years — agriculture's economic impact increased by $1 billion.
  • Agribusiness is the leading industry in South Carolina with an economic impact of more that $34 billion.
  • Agribusiness accounts for nearly one-fifth of the U.S. gross national product and employs close to one-fourth the U.S. labor force.

Agriculture is big business and big opportunities. In South Carolina, agribusiness is the leading industry with an economic impact over $34 billion per year. There is a strong demand for students who have mastered the economic and business concepts present in the Clemson agribusiness curriculum. Our students graduate ready to take on the world of agricultural sciences, and find extremely rewarding careers following graduation.

Agribusiness majors gain the skills necessary to secure high-paying and rewarding jobs in the growing private sectors of national and international agribusiness management, banking, finance, sales, marketing and public relations. They also help South Carolina’s agricultural industry forge new markets and create efficiencies to feed the growing world population.


What you'll study:

An agribusiness degree is essentially a business degree with an agriculture focus. You’ll get a strong sense of how business works, learn the ins and outs of agricultural practices, and most importantly, discover how the two work together. Plans of study include agribusiness economics and management, leadership, marketing and sales, finance, accounting and business skill development.

Because employers continue to place high importance on experiential learning, agribusiness students are encouraged to participate in at least one internship during their studies. Students will also have opportunities to study abroad or perform research.


Popular Minors:

  • Adult/Extension Education
  • Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Communication Studies
  • Environmental Research and Policy
  • Natural Resource Economics

Similar Majors:


With agriculture serving as the No. 1 industry in South Carolina, there are many opportunities to feel its impact within just a few short steps of the classroom.

Internships and Research Projects:

The Agribusiness Club is a student-based, professional organization that aims to expand your understanding of the industry. They sponsor field trips, guest speakers and annual events.
Industry is closely partnered with the program and faculty to ensure that students are gaining real-world skills.
You'll regularly be required to get out and see firsthand where our graduates are in the industry and how agriculture takes product from the field or forest to the table or retail store.
Students are encouraged to take on internships to aid in choosing a professional career.

Connect with Other Students:


What are students doing at graduation?*




Grad School


Seeking Employment



Where are students headed at graduation?*

Recent employers and job titles*

  • Total Quality Logistics — Program Specialist
  • Coastal Agrobusiness — Field Adviser
  • S.C. Farm Bureau — Agent

Recent graduate schools and sought degree types*

  • University of Georgia — J.D.
  • Purdue University — Master’s

Common Career Areas**

  • AgFinance
    • Analyst
    • Commodity Trader
    • Financial Adviser
    • Investment Broker
    • Insurance Agent
    • Loan Officer
    • Market Research
    • Purchasing Manager
    • Appraisal
    • Claims Processor
  • Production/Processing
    • Management
    • Consulting
    • Logistics
  • Extension
    • County Agent
    • Agribusiness Specialist
  • Agricultural Leadership
    • Sales
    • Management
    • Human Resources
    • Governmental Relations
  • Communications
    • Public Relations
    • Technical Writing
  • Government/Nonprofit
    • State/Federal Conservation
    • Regulatory/Agricultural Inspection
    • Legislation
  • Law
*Numbers provided by the department from 2011-12 graduating class.
**Information provided by the department.

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