English (B.A.)


  • Recently, our graduates have been admitted to graduate programs at Cambridge and Cornell universities, University of Chicago School of Law, Columbia University School of Journalism and Harvard Law.
  • English majors develop a strong basis in writing and analytical reading, history, literature and criticism.
  • Students can choose between concentrations in literature or in writing and publication studies.
  • Smaller classes provide an intimate environment where students feel free to engage in discussion.

As an English major at Clemson, you’ll study novels, poems, plays, films, video games and websites. As a Bachelor's of Art student, you’ll study a foreign language and take classes in history and philosophy. Your courses will focus on close reading of texts, exploration of particular authors and genres, questions of critical theory and method, and the relationship of literary texts to their historical contexts. At the same time, you’ll develop your communication skills across various genres, in both traditional and new media. In the process, you’ll develop analytical reading, effective writing and superior critical thinking skills relevant to a wide range of 21st-century careers, including publishing, education, media, marketing and law. Choose between two concentrations — literature or writing and publication studies. Both emphases prepare English majors for work or further study in a variety of professional and academic fields.


What you'll study:

In this degree program, you’ll find yourself in small classes with talented students who arrive ready to talk about the work under consideration and with great teachers who are researching and publishing in the field. Nearly all English classes for our majors have fewer than 20 students. You’ll be expected to participate in class and to contribute to your own development outside the classroom. Our Clemson English faculty advise our students and encourage office-hour conversations. Through intensive discussion and writing, you’ll enhance your capacity to make connections among a range of texts and ideas, and to produce carefully constructed writing supported by evidence. Your classes will help you acquire the reading, writing and critical-thinking skills relevant to understanding and creatively reworking the world.

In this degree program, you will develop a broad cultural and intellectual perspective as well as the skills needed to communicate effectively, write critically and read analytically. You’ll learn to analyze and create representations of the world from an informed historical and international perspective — valuable skills in an increasingly global economy.

Literature Emphasis: This track offers an exploration of poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction, drawn largely from American, British and emerging global Anglophone contexts.

Writing and Publication Studies Emphasis: Students who focus their studies within this track, explore the techniques, terms and tools of textual production, both ancient and modern.


Popular Minors:

  • Business
  • Film Studies
  • Spanish
  • Communication Studies

Similar Majors:


English majors at Clemson thrive inside and outside the classroom. You’ll find countless ways to connect with other students and polish your newly acquired skills.

Internships and Research Projects:

Connect with Other Students:


What are students doing at graduation?*




Grad School


Seeking Employment



Where are students headed at graduation?*

Recent employers and job titles*

  • TargetCare, Inc. — Health Promotions Manager
  • United States Air Force — First Lieutenant
  • CreateSpace — Content Media Coordinator

Recent graduate schools and sought degree types*

  • Cornell University — Ph.D.
  • University of Texas — Ph.D.
  • New York University — Master’s

Common Career Areas**

  • Writing/Editing
    • Creative Writing
    • Journalism
    • Technical Writing
    • Freelance Writing
  • Education
    • Teaching
    • Student Affairs
    • Academic Advising
    • Information/Library Science
    • Tutoring
    • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Publishing
    • Editing
    • Production
    • Publicity
  • Advertising
    • Creative Services
    • Account Management
    • Media
  • Public Relations
    • Account Coordination
    • Writing/Editing
    • Media Relations
  • Business
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
  • Law
*Represents only Clemson University graduates who completed Michelin� Career Center surveys from 2009 to 2011.
**Used w/permission from Univ. of Tennessee.

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