Language and International Trade (B.A.)


  • In addition to language study, you’ll take business classes related to your area of concentration.
  • You will spend at least one semester studying abroad.
  • You will have many ways to build proficiency in your chosen language, from the language lab to language clubs to conversing with native speakers.
  • The Clemson Language Immersion program helps prepare you for study abroad.

Right now is an exciting time to prepare for a career in the global marketplace, using advanced language skills in the field of international business. Clemson’s language and international trade major combines intensive foreign language study (French, German, Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish) with a professional business concentration in one of the following areas: international trade, tourism or applied international economics. Old boundaries are dissolving rapidly, and doing business often means doing business abroad. Students who choose this major want to immerse themselves in another language and another culture. They want to learn how to live, work and succeed in a business environment that’s anything but local.


What you'll study:

In addition to 120 hours of course work, you will be required to complete an approved study abroad program so that you can immerse yourself in the target language and culture you have studied in the classroom. You will also complete an approved internship with an international company, either here in the U.S. or abroad. We offer three concentrations in language and international trade.

Applied International Economics Concentration
You’ll study the international marketing of food products — such as prepared foods, beverages and grains — all vital to the world economy. You will also take courses in world resource management and globalization. This concentration is particularly well suited to students considering the Peace Corps or other work experiences in Third World countries.

International Trade Concentration
You will enroll in a series of core, business-related classes such as marketing, economics, finance and management. This track prepares you to enter a career in international sales, marketing, international finance and more. You will be ready to enter an MBA program if you decide to continue your education.

Tourism Concentration
You will take classes in tourism, consumer behavior, marketing and economics. If you are interested in a career in hospitality, travel, meetings and conventions, study abroad administration or special interest tourism, this track is for you.


Popular Minors:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Similar Majors:


Honing your skills in your target language is key to success in this program, and you’ll have lots of options to do so outside the classroom.

Internships and Research Projects:

Study abroad and exchange programs are offered in countries around the world, including Argentina, Belgium, China, Ecuador, France and Japan.
The Language Lab features versatile, open computer classroom spaces, as well as a media library and audiovisual equipment repository. Students work in the lab during class and also have access outside of class time for speaking practice.
The annual Language and International Trade Conference brings business executives from international corporations and business leaders to campus for two days of talks, brainstorming and networking.

Connect with Other Students:


What are students doing at graduation?*




Grad School


Seeking Employment



Where are students headed at graduation?*

Recent employers and job titles*

    AT&T — Retail Manager
    Context Design Group, LLC — Business Development Manager
    Ford Motor Co — Zone Manager
    The Pasha Group — Registration Coordinator

Recent graduate schools and sought degree types*

  • University of Connecticut School of Law — J.D. 
  • University of Greenwich, London, England  — Master’s

Common Career Areas**

  • International Business
    • Management
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Product Management
    • Production
    • Customer Service
    • Purchasing
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Import/Export
    • Transportation
    • Travel and Tourism
  • NonProfit
    • Study Abroad Administration
    • International Exchange Programs
    • Arts Administration
    • Grant Writing
    • Foreign Missions
    • Charitable Organizations
  • International Relations/Government
    • Translating/Interpreting
    • International Trade Administration
    • International Law
    • Foreign Service
*Represents only Clemson University graduates who completed Michelin® Career Center surveys from 2011 to 2012.
**Used w/permission from Univ. of Tennessee.

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