Preprofessional Health Studies (Program)


  • On average, 41 percent of Clemson students who apply to dental school are accepted.
  • Our chief health professionals adviser is available to students in all majors.
  • Clemson’s Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta serves as great professional development for students.
  • On average, 44 percent of Clemson students who apply to medical school are accepted.

The preprofessional health studies program at Clemson is a great starting point for students interested in continuing on to professional health schools such as medical, dental, physicians assistant, as well as a variety of other programs. Although this program exists on the undergraduate application, we do not offer a degree in preprofessional health studies. Therefore, by sophomore year students are encouraged to choose a major. There are a variety of popular majors that easily fulfill the basic entrance requirements, but you can truly choose from any curriculum that fits your goals. Professional schools have no preferences or prejudices relating to major and are more interested in overall academic performance. This is evident in the fact that their entering students represent a broad spectrum of curricula from biological sciences to economics. 


What you'll study:

The benefit of starting in the preprofessional health studies program is the specialized advising from day one with our chief health professional adviser, who serves as a guide for students toward their ultimate goal. It is critical that our students work closely with an adviser in selecting course work as there are varying admissions requirements for each advanced degree and school. Our chief health professionals adviser is available to help you navigate through the process. Depending on your desired career path, course requirements typically include biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, physics and mathematics.

While at Clemson, you can build a résumé full of diverse experiences based on your personal interests and career goals. There are vast opportunities to become immersed in scientific research, and we encourage students to gain work experience or even travel abroad while at Clemson. Our undergraduate research program — called Creative Inquiry — allows you to conduct research with a team of fellow undergraduate students and a faculty mentor. Plus, our faculty are great about opening up their laboratories to welcome volunteers, student workers or independent projects.

Students are encouraged to join Clemson’s Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, which serves campus as the pre-health honor society dedicated to preparing and exposing interested students to medicine and other health care disciplines.


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