Sociology (B.S./B.A.)


  • We offer a minor in anthropology, which is ideal for students wishing to increase their understanding of cultural diversity and globalization.
  • Clemson offers both a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in sociology. A combined five-year B.S./M.S. program is also available.
  • Our department offers individualized advising for every student, guiding each along the way to his/her ultimate career path.
  • The Sociology Honors Program is available to exceptional students who desire an in-depth research or investigative experience.

As a sociology major you’ll delve into topics such as social class and poverty, race and ethnicity, gender, criminal justice, marriage and families, culture, religion, education and developing societies. We offer both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology. Whichever degree path you opt to follow, your courses will give you tools to understand the social causes and consequences of interpersonal and group behavior. Our faculty members are from the sociology, anthropology, criminal justice and social work disciplines, but all are interested in studying the social dimensions of human behavior and developing ways to improve and enrich quality of life. 


What you'll study:

Students who choose to receive the Bachelor of Science degree in sociology will take additional science and math electives. Students who choose the Bachelor of Arts degree will take more foreign language courses. With either option, students will graduate with a broad-based education with a focus in a chosen concentration area, which will contribute to proficiencies in communications and interpersonal skills — necessary attributes in any occupation — as well as in methodological training.

General Sociology Concentration
A focus on social institutions and social processes allows you to take courses covering the broad range of topics addressed in the discipline.

Criminal Justice Concentration
This concentration encompasses criminology, deviance and law enforcement, which will prepare you for a range of career options from from local policing to federal law enforcement.

Social Services Concentration
This concentration includes an internship component that introduces you to local social service institutions.

Community Studies Concentration
Take courses that hone your insight into the social forces and processes that shape and affect small and large, rural and urban communities. You will also take on an internship that puts you into communities and gets you involved in community issues.


Popular Minors:

  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Policy
  • Religion

Similar Majors:


As a sociology major you’ll have ample opportunities to enrich your classroom education by participating in study abroad trips that allow you to work on projects in other countries; by working alongside peers in community service projects; and by engaging in research activities with faculty members.

Internships and Research Projects:

Participate in intensive faculty-directed research experiences, such as our undergraduate class on gender, sexuality, campus culture and sexual violence. Collect data, offer input on intervention strategies and develop awareness campaigns.
Travel to Dominica with professor Brenda Vander Mey to study issues surrounding food security, youth, and community and environmental sustainability.
The Sociology Club provides the opportunity to explore career options and engage in community service with organizations such as Coaches4- Character, which focuses on teaching at-risk youth the value of education and character development.

Connect with Other Students:

  • Lambda Alpha Epsilon National Criminal Justice Society
  • Alpha Kappa Delta National Honor Society
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  • iLEAD ›

What are students doing at graduation?*




Grad School


Seeking Employment



Where are students headed at graduation?*

Recent employers and job titles*

  • Teach for America — Teacher
  • Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, S.C. — Sheriff Deputy
  • Children’s Museum of the Upstate — Michelin YES! Coordinator

Recent graduate schools and sought degree types*

  • Stanford University — Ph.D.
  • Wake Forest Law — JD
    University of South Carolina — Master of Social Work

Common Career Areas**

  • Human Services
    • Case Management
    • Advocacy
    • Mental Health Services
    • Administration
  • Criminal Justice
    • Corrections
    • Rehabilitation
    • Law Enforcement
  • Education 
    • Teaching
    • Research
  • Government
    • Public Administration
    • Policy Analysis
    • Research
    • Program Development
    • City Planning
  • Social Science Research
      • Business
      • Human Resources
        • Training and Development
        • Recruiting
      • Management
      • Sales
      • Marketing
      • Public Relations
      • Office Administration
    *Represents only Clemson University graduates who completed Michelin Career Center surveys from 2009 to 2011.
    **Used w/permission from Univ. of Tennessee.

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