Marketplace Features

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing allows you to offer different pricing options for the same product. The price is changed automatically depending upon which options the customer selects. This gives you the ability to offer different pricing tiers for conferences or size and color selections for merchandise. It adds convenience to the customer because the calculations are done for them and all payments can be made at once.

Customer Information

Marketplace offers you the ability to collect as much information as you would like from your customers. With options such as, drop down menus, text entry, and checkbox selections, our system is able to provide you with the tools you need. Fields can even be made optional or required, guaranteeing you get the information you need.

Promotional Codes

Marketplace allows you to offer promotional codes at checkout. These can be presented as a dollar amount off the purchase price or a percentage taken off of the total. Promotional codes can start and expire on any day you choose. They can be offered as single use or unlimited use.

Customer Communication

Communication with your customers throughout the buying process is essential. Marketplace keeps your customers informed with automatic system generated emails and/or text messages. Customer communications are sent out upon purchase, when an item is shipped/fulfilled, when an order is cancelled, and when an order is refunded. Marketplace can even be configured to send you an email every time an order is placed.


Every so often, a situation arises where a customer will request a refund. Marketplace allows for this process to be efficient for both parties. The system allows for refunds up to the selling price, which will be credited to the original form of payment. The customer will receive an email when his or her refund has been processed.


U.Commerce offers you the ability to access sales reports derived from Marketplace. These reports are real-time and have the ability to show products sold and all other information the customer entered. Multiple reports are able to be accessed at the same time and they have the ability to separate shipping and tax totals. The totals report should be referenced with the PeopleSoft Query in order to perform reconciliations.

Other Marketplace Features

CU Marketplace offers a full service e-commerce experience. This process includes accessibility to all features that the system offers. From automatic accounting to customizable images, CU Marketplace is able to fit the needs of any department looking to expand their online business.


  • Available Payment Types:
    • All major credit cards
    • Debit cards with a MasterCard or Visa logo
    • Electronic checks
  • Verifies the credit card number, expiration date and available funds
  • PCI compliant payment
  • Departments will never receive the credit card number
  • Ability to take $0 payments


  • Automatic upload to PeopleSoft
  • Separate chart fields for separate products
  • Eliminates the need for receipt transmittals and web departmental deposits
  • Creates MCR journal ID entries

Customer Information

  • Verity of information gathering options
    • Text entry
    • Drop down selection
    • Checkbox selection
    • Email entry
    • Phone number entry
    • Ability to make options required or optional
  • Dynamic pricing
    • Price increases or decreases base on selection from customer
    • Number of information gathering options based on the quantity entered
    • Ability to create tables for ease of entry for customers


  • Rates set by the department
  • Ability to add additional charge per item
  • Rate by product
  • Ability to print a packing list
  • Ability to send the customer a tracking number
  • Shipping cost captured at checkout
  • Ability to ship international
  • Ability to limit where items can be shipped


  • Real time reports
  • Includes all information entered by the customer except billing information
  • Ability do drill down into the data
    • Totals report
    • By product report
      • Transactional level
  • Separates shipping and tax totals
  • All reports are exportable to excel
  • Ability to pull multiple product reports to one excel


  • No set up fee
  • No maintenance fee
  • Only fee are credit card processing fees
    • Visa - 1.43% of revenue
    • MasterCard - 1.53% of revenue
    • Discover - 1.85% of revenue
    • American Express - 2.15% of revenue
  • Credit card fees are processed monthly with a journal entry by Cash and Treasury Services


  • Automatic emails
    • Order conformation
    • Order fulfillment
    • Cancellation
    • Refund
    • Ability to send these via text message
  • Buyer always enters an email address


  • Completely PCI Compliant
  • Ability to allow customers to become a registered user
    • Saves shipping information
    • Saves billing information
    • Saves payment information
    • Provides order history
    • This is optional and can be hidden
  • Promotional Codes
  • Ability to offer optional items at checkout
  • Ability to collect other customer information
    • This is order wide information
  • Calculates sales tax
  • Calculates shipping rates base on rates given by department


  • Customizable images
  • Customizable store and product descriptions
  • Layout customization within Single Store mode


  • Ability to bring products or stores offline and back online quickly
  • Changes can be made with no downtime
  • Mobile optimized version is standard
  • Ability to cap quantity for products
  • Downloadable QR codes
  • Departments able to do refunds
  • Refunds can be full or partial refunds
  • Refunds are made to the same payment method as original payment