Steps To Get Online

Step 1 - Forms

Fill out all of the necessary forms in their entirety. All of the provided documents must be submitted and approved by Cash and Treasury Services before the production process may begin.

Step 2 - Contact and Review

Once the required forms have been received and approved by our office, we will contact you to review what specific text, images, and personalized details you envision for your store. This is will conclude by building a test site.

Step 3 - Test, Test, Test

We will provide you with test credit cards in order to test the customer experience for your store. If any modifications need to be made, we will have the opportunity to correct them before your store goes live.

Step 4 - Go Live

Once you have approved your store, you will be in the last step of production. We will hold a training session in order to get you more acquainted with Marketplace and provide you with the necessary materials to manage your online store.