Need an App?

Have a university-related app you'd like developed? We'd love to help you with that.


  1. To get started, get in touch with us by email at mobile-admin@lists.clemson.edu. We'll want to hear your ideas for the app in order to determine the programming scope of work. We'll want to know things like whether you want an iOS or Android version, or both. We'll want to know functionality and purpose. Also helpful would be your thoughts on the look and feel (if you have an idea), as well as your desired timeline. If it's easier, we can discuss these things in person.

  2. Next, we'll put together a Statement of Work. This will formalize the discussion from our initial meeting. It will outline the app's key features and include a rough drawing to serve as an initial prototype. It will also provide a cost estimate with a breakdown of hours, as well as a timeline with key milestones. 

  3. After you've reviewed the Statement of Work and you're sure that everything has been included, you'll sign the form. This will serve as a formal agreement between you and CCIT. With your signature, we will begin work.

  4. As we develop your app, we'll want you involved in the process. We'll keep you informed with our progress, provide development builds for you to review (we can supply test devices!), and welcome your feedback. This is often a dynamic process which requires much back and forth.

  5. When the requested design and requirements have been met, we will meet for a final sign-off meeting. We will go over the Statement of Work and demonstrate how all requirements and design elements have been implemented. If you agree that your app is production-ready, we'll begin the process of submitting it to Apple's App Store and/or Google Play. Upon this final deliverable, you will pay us as agreed in the Statement of Work.


  • We're passionate about what we do. We stay up to date on mobile trends and best practices, and we know the process. You need only your ideas.
  • CCIT created and therefore CCIT protected through both subversion and backups.
  • We're professional, full-time staff. So later, when you have a new feature idea or other app tweaks, we'll be here to make them for you.
  • We work closely with Creative Services to ensure that your app meets Clemson's brand guidelines.
  • We provide a login to access app analytics such as number of downloads and store ranking. This is a web-based service that you can access at anytime.


App Development & Submission:

Projects will be evaluated and charged according to estimated design and development time. Please keep in mind that even a basic app will cost $3500 or more.