Getting Started

Everything in this toolkit is for both Android and iOS development unless specifically noted otherwise.

Clemson Requirements

  • Use Clemson ID to create Apple and Android IDs for Clemson development
  • Name development devices with UserID or project name for tracking purposes (iOS)
  • Initial submission and updates must go through CCIT Mobile Development Process
  • All contact with the Mobile Innovation Team should be through mobile-admin@lists.clemson.edu

CCIT Responsibilities in Managing Apple account

  • Manage development team for all of Clemson University
  • Enroll developers and provision devices
    • Determine size of development team
    • Send each developer an invitation to join the team via Apple's portal
    • Add each developer's device to the portal
    • Developer certificate request for each developer
  • Onboarding of developer, setting up their coding environment and standard processes
    • Create App ID for each app to be developed
    • Create Subversion Repository for each app and tie developers to that repository
    • Create Distribution Provisioning profile for each app
    • Optional additional configuration for each app (Push Notifications, iCloud, PassKit, Data Protection)
    • Provide each developer with Clemson University's Distribution Certificate and password to build app for distribution in the Apple iTunes store
    • Training on how to build and install apps on device

Benefits to Developer

  • Published under Clemson University.
  • Branding and trademark verified.
  • Reporting provided to developer on number app downloads via iTunes
  • Ease of submission. We know the process and do it for you.
  • Team knowledgeable of mobile trends and updates.
  • Email reports of downloads and a login to view complete reports

Fee Structure

Projects will be evaluated and charged according to estimated design and development time. Please keep in mind that even a basic app will cost $3500 or more.