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Transition to the new my.Clemson from m.ClemsonMay 19, 2014

Clemson's Mobile Innovation Team is proud to announce the release of my.Clemson, a new responsive application with enhanced features for web, iOS, and Android. As part of the new release, we will retire official support for the previous m.Clemson mobile app in May 2014. Please point your browsers to or download the native apps on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Release Notes for my.Clemson Hotfix ReleaseMarch 6, 2014

Clemson's Mobile Innovation Team released a hotfix for my.Clemson today. Changes in today's release include:

  • Fixed a bug on the emergency contact and validation pages that restricted users from entering phone numbers with punctuation. The phone number field now accepts a variety of common phone number formats.
  • Changed email address fields in the emergency contact and validation pages from mandatory to optional. It is still recommended, but no longer required, to enter your email address in these fields.

We hope you find these fixes helpful. Feel free to leave any feedback by out the filling out the feedback form or contacting us directly.

Students, employees will need to verify information at loginFebruary 16, 2014

Clemson University students, faculty and staff soon will be asked to verify and update their contact information when they log onto the university network. Employees will be asked to do this once a year and students once each semester. The step should be in place next week.

Why is this being done? It is important that Clemson University has accurate and current contact information for you.

Employees will need to verify or update their current home address and their home and cell phone numbers. Students will need to enter their current address, home address and emergency contacts and cell phone numbers. Cell phone numbers are included because most people today can be reached more quickly via their mobile phones than by other means. They also will be used for CU Safe text alerts in case of emergency or major disruptions to Clemson operations, such as closing due to weather.

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