Jordan Wells

Jordan Wells

Production Studies in Performing Arts
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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For Jordan Wells, theatre was all she wanted to do since that first elementary school play.

Coming to Clemson taught her to find value in every aspect of a production, from behind-the-scenes to center stage. These comprehensive experiences led to the specific realization of what impact she wants to make on the performing arts world.

Spoiler alert: It’s not as an actress.

Jordan's Path

Break a Leg

The audition process for acceptance into the production studies in performing arts program is a chance to showcase your talents. It’s also an opportunity to tour facilities and learn more about the different emphasis areas — like theatre! Of course, I had a lot of nervous energy going into my interview and monologues, but faculty at the Brooks Center made the environment feel relaxed.

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Clemson Players

When I got to campus freshman year, I joined a student theatrical organization called the Clemson Players and set a goal to be part of all their productions. The second day of classes, I went to my first audition. I wasn’t cast but decided to work on the stage crew anyway. By the time I graduate, I will have participated in 16 plays in everything from costuming to set building to acting lead roles.

Jordan Wells

Life as an RA

For two years I worked in the Manning-Mauldin community as a resident assistant and really loved building connections with new students. Balancing RA responsibilities with classes and an intense rehearsal schedule took discipline and sacrifice. Sometimes, you have to say no to other good things when you’re committed to pursuing one passion.

Drama Free

Clemson is far from home but belonging to a smaller major is like belonging to a family. Theatre students spend so much time together in rehearsals, it’s easy to form close friendships. We also challenge each other to take risks and step out of our artistic comfort zones. For me, that looked like trying my hand at directing!

Jordan Wells

A Change of Direction

Production studies in performing arts is structured in a way that encourages students to get involved in every detail of a production. Acquiring a wide range of skills with the support of incredible faculty has made me more marketable as a professional. It also made me realize what I truly value as a person.

Defining   Moment

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