Peyton Marion

Peyton Marion

Chester, South Carolina

Changing my View

Peyton Marion had absolutely no tie to Clemson when he set foot on campus for the first time — just like he had no tie to Paris when he boarded an intercontinental flight.

Exploring new places near and far can be an incredible experience. But after five months abroad and 14 stamps in his passport, Peyton stumbled into an eye-opening discovery.

Peyton's Path

A change of plans

I fully intended to play collegiate soccer — and I had scholarship offers. But when my mom asked me, “Peyton, if you tore your ACL tomorrow and never played again, would you be happy at these schools?” I knew the answer was “no.” Then mom made an unplanned stop at Clemson where I had the most amazing campus tour. Those 90 minutes changed everything. I truly felt at home. Plus, there’s club soccer here, so I can still play when I want.

Peyton Marion

Coming full circle

Because my Clemson tour guide was so great, I applied to be one as soon as I was on campus freshman year. Since then, I’ve given more than 120 tours and introduced more than 2,400 people to this amazing place. For me, being a tour guide is an opportunity to have an impact on the next generation of college students. Plus, I get to use my marketing skills every day as I introduce people to the Clemson Family and our Solid Orange spirit.

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The right mix

Less than 15 freshmen are accepted into the Thomas F. Chapman Leadership Scholars Program every year, and I am lucky enough to be a part of this group. The networking opportunities have been boundless. I like to talk, no doubt about it, and this program alongside my marketing major has been the perfect balance of meeting people, being creative and learning the business side of my future career goals.

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Peyton Marion

Business in Paris

Then I got on a plane; and instead of introducing people to my favorite places, I was navigating an unfamiliar world.

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Defining   Moment

Ready for your first step?

Whether it’s a foreign country, a new research technique, a student organization or an on-campus internship, you’ll have so many great opportunities to explore whatever you are interested in.

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