Office Of Institutional Research

Clemson University 10 Year Goals

First Report of Information to Support University Goals
Presented April 2001

This information is presented to the University community and to the public to set a baseline for where the University is situated relative to achieving its goals for the next ten years. This information was presented at the Town Meeting on April 16, 2001 and will be updated periodically, as information is available.

Academics, Research and Service

Campus Life

Student Performance

Educational Resources

Clemson’s National Reputation

Academics, Research and Service:

Assessment Measures
  • Excel in teaching, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Increase research and sponsored programs to exceed $100 million a year in research support.
  • Set the standard in public service for land-grant universities by engaging the whole campus in service and outreach including a focus on strategic emphasis areas.
  • Foster Clemson’s academic reputation through strong academic programs, mission-oriented research and academic centers of excellence, relevant public service and highly regarded faculty and staff.
  • Seek and cultivate areas where teaching, research and service overlap


Campus Life:

Assessment Measures
  • Strengthen our sense of community and increase our diversity.
  • Recognize and appreciate Clemson’s distinctiveness.


  • Create greater awareness of international programs and increase activity in this area.
  • Increase our focus on collaboration.


  • Maintain an environment that is healthy, safe, and attractive.


Student Performance:

Assessment Measures
  • Attract more students ranked in the top 10% of their high school classes and who perform exceptionally well on the SAT/ACT.
  • Promote high graduation rate through increasing freshmen retention, meeting expectations of high achievers and providing support systems for all students.
  • Promote excellence in advising


  • Increase the annual number of doctoral graduates to the level of a top 20 public research university.
  • Improve the national competitiveness of graduate student admissions and financial aid.



Educational Resources:

Assessment Measures
  • Successfully complete our current capital campaign and a subsequent one.
  • Rededicate our energy and resources to improving the library.



  • Increase faculty compensation to a level competitive with top 20 public universities.
  • Increase academic expenditures per student to a level competitive with top 20 public universities.
  • Manage enrollment to ensure the highest quality classroom experience.




Clemson’s National Reputation:

Assessment Measures
  • Promote high integrity and professional demeanor among all members of the University community.


  • Establish a Phi Beta Kappa chapter.
  • Have at least two Clemson students win Rhodes Scholarships.


  • Have at least two Clemson Faculty win recognition by national academies.


  • Publicize both national and international accomplishments of faculty, staff, and students.
  • While maintaining full compliance, achieve notable recognition with another national football championship, two championships in Olympic sports, and two Final Four appearances.


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