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Data for Report and Review

  • Market Salary Benchmarks for Faculty Positions
    • Find range of faculty salaries by rank and discipline
  • Academic Program Review Metrics
    • Faculty Profile:
    • Student Profile
      • Entrance Exams, Location, Head Counts - Enrolled, Student Credit Hours/Section Counts, Degrees Awarded, Co-ops
    • Grad Students
      • Grad Admissions Profile, Grad Entrance Exams, Grad Demographics, Grad Assistants
    • Financials
      • Sponsored Programs, Expenditures
  • Grade Distribution Reports
    • Report 1: Freshmen Courses Sorted by Department
    • Report 2: Undergraduate Instructors Grouped by Home Department
    • Report 3: Undergraduate Instructors Grouped by Course Discipline
    • Report 4: Instructors for All Courses Managed by this Department
    • Report 5: All Courses Taught by Instructors Employeed by this Department
    • Report 6: Instructors for All Course Sections Managed by this Department
    • Report 7: All Course Sections Taught by Instructors Employeed by this Department

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