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Oklahoma State University Faculty Salary Survey

2004 - 2005

In 1974, Oklahoma State University designed the Oklahoma State Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline in order to satisfy the growing need for current salary information within the community of higher education. Participation in the survey is limited to institutions that belong to the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges and award doctoral degrees in at least five discipline areas. Each institution that participates is asked to provide low, high, and average salaries for all faculty ranks and academic disciplines as identified by the Classification of Instruction Programs (CIP) codes represented on their campuses.

The information collected in this summary has been taken primarily from the main report and compares Clemson's salary information with five university groupings: Peer 10, Peer 12, U.S. News , Research I, and National. In 2004 - 2005 Clemson University faculty salaries were compared to public institutions that participate in the Southern Regional Education Board State Data Exchange (SREB) and were ranked in the Top 35 of US News 2004 rankings. A list of institutions in each comparison group are provided below under "Participants in the survey".

These groupings have been broken into faculty rank categories, and, for each category, information is reported under four headings: Institution Group, Number of Participating Institutions, Number of Faculty Members, Mean Salary, and Clemson Percentage. The heading Institution Group indicates the comparison group. The heading Clemson Percentage compares the mean of that particular discipline and rank at Clemson University to the mean of that rank and discipline to the mean of the other institution groups.

Data by Budget Center:

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