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Common Data Set

G. Annual Expenses

Check here if your institution's 2006-2007 academic year costs are not available at this time and provide an approximate date (i.e., month/day) when your institution's final 2006-2007 academic year costs will be available: 07/15

Provide 2005-2006 academic year costs for the following categories that are applicable to your institution.

G1. Undergraduate full-time tuition, required fees, room and board
List the typical tuition, required fees, and room and board for a full-time undergraduate student for the FULL 2005-2006 academic year. A full academic year refers to the period of time generally extending from September to June; usually equated to two semesters or trimesters, three quarters, or the period covered by a four-one-four plan. Room and board is defined as double occupancy and 19 meals per week or the maximum meal plan. Required fees include only charges that all full-time students must pay that are NOT included in tuition (e.g., registation, health, or activity fees.) Do NOT include optional fees (e.g., parking, laboratory use).

In-state: (out-of-district)
ROOM AND BOARD: (on-campus)
ROOM ONLY: (on-campus)
BOARD ONLY: (on-campus meal plan)

Comprehensive tuition/room/board fee (if your college cannot provide separate tuition/room/board/fees):  

Number of credits per term a student can take for the stated full-time tuition
Minimum 12 Maximum  

Do tuition and fees vary by year of study (e.g., sophomore, junior, senior)? Yes       No      

If tuition and fees vary by undergraduate instructional program, describe briefly:
There will be differential pricing for upper division courses in the College of Business and Behavioral Science. It is an additional $500.

G5. Provide the estimated expenses for a typical full-time undergraduate student.
  Residents Commuters (living at home) Commuters (not living at home)
Books and supplies: $820.00 $820.00 $820.00
Room only: $3,470.00 $3,470.00 $3,470.00
Board only: $2,310.00 $3,470.00 $2,310.00
Transportation: $2,262.00 $2,262.00 $2,262.00
Other expenses: $1,750.00 $1,750.00 $1,750.00

G6. Undergraduate per-credit-hour charges:
PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS: (in-district) $364.00
In-state: (out-of-district) $364.00
Out-of-state: $760.00


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