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These models provide a way to explore the system and get a feel for how it works. The models are not functional; no data is stored in a database as is done with the real application. The real application is limited to Clemson University employees and can not be accessed by others. If you have questions about the Faculty Activity System, please feel free to contact me.

I have modified mySiteMaker scripts to meet our needs for displaying Fact Book information. Check it out: My Fact Book

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Current Projects:

Development of a system to collect information on faculty work. I was involved in the development of the initial database design and concept for data collection forms. In cooperation with a team initially head by Ches Martin and currently headed by Linda Montgomery at DCIT, the Faculty Activity System was created and tested in the spring of 1998. Revisions were completed during the summer and the system will be available to the entire faculty in the fall of 1998. Any employee can view the application Home Page. Faculty could access the system beginning 15 September 1998. As a part of the system I was assigned the development of the Help files. In addition, I developed a static model of the system that was used for demonstrations at training sessions across campus. This was needed because not all meeting sites had access to the Web site for the real application. This project was presented at the 1998 Annual SAIR Conference in Savannah, GA.  An update on the progress of the project was given at the 1999 Annual SAIR Conference in Chattanooga, TN. Both the PowerPoint presentation and the proposal paper are available from this site.

Historical Archives. The Office of Institutional Research has maintained historical databases to support the University Fact and various analyses of University business. Some of this information supports required reporting to State and Federal government agencies, including the State Commission on Higher Education. Recently, Clemson began a project to develop a business intelligence system and initially financial information has been moved into this system. This has resulted in substantial improvements in administrative information that is consistent at all levels of the University. It should improve budgetary control and improve communication across the University. The project will continue to incorporate additional information resourses, including human resources and instructional data in the future.

Monitoring faculty credentials. Credentials for all faculty are periodically monitored and reports are prepared for administrative units and to support Performance Funding measurements that affect State funding. This application was initialy developed in MS Access. More recently, the data has been moved to a MySQL database and some of the functions have been moved to a secure web server to enhance communication between the central office and college staff responsible for gathering credentials documentation.

Survey of specific general education competencies. As Clemson University moves toward fully integrating general education within discipline programs, we need to determine which specific competencies are being supported by courses included in each program. The original survey application allowed some oversight of the support for general education competencies, but keeping it current was difficult. Therefore, it has been folded into a syllabus repository that should support this information as well as providing access to syllabi for current and future students.

Faculty Book. This web application was designed to provide a searchable database that would allow members to find others with similar interests. It includes an entry from each member, describing their primary interests and supports searches for words in these entries as well as any title for a grant or proposal. We hope that it will be of value as we replace a large number of faculty over the next few years.