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Reports published by the Office of Institutional Research are for informational purposes only.  Although every reasonable effort is made to assure the accuracy of the data as reported from the source documents or source data, reports are not represented to be error-free.  Data may be subject to update and correction without notice. These data do not constitute an offer, inducement, promise, guarantee, warranty, or contract of any kind.  Reports are intended to omit personally-identifiable information as required by FERPA and other federal and state law.  Concerns about personally-identifiable information in any report should be addressed to the Office of Institutional Research.

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Oklahoma Survey       

Human Resources is now controlling access to benchmark data for faculty salaries. If you need current information from the Oklahoma Survey, please contact Rachel Burch in Human Resources at 656-3362 or by email

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Implementing an Effective Web-Based Information System Using JavaScript Templates for Web Designers of Various Skill Levels
Implementing various JavaScript techniques to enhance Information web site. Presented by Joe McLaughlin, AIR 2010

Looking at Complying with the Higher Education Opportunity Act on Book Costs:
Presented at SAIR in Dallas (October 17-20  2009) by Gerry McLaughlin, DePaul University, Josetta McLaughlin, Roosevelt University, and Joseph McLaughlin, Clemson University

Survival Skills for Institutional Research:
a paper written by Ronnie Chrestman, Nancy James and Jessica Swink. Presented at AIR in Tampa (May 2003) by Jessica Swink Pierce and Sara Andrews.

Simplifying the Delaware Study: A Software Tool for Calculating Productivity:
a manual and program demonstration by Jessica Swink Pierce. Presented at AIR in Tampa, May 2003.

Success Rates of S.C. Technical College Transfer Students at Clemson University: Going Deeper than the CHE Report:
a paper written by Ronnie Chrestman and Nancy James, presented at the South Carolina Association of Institutional Research conference in Myrtle Beach, February 2003.

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