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New definitions for race and ethnicity have been adopted to implement the US Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) 1997 Standards for Race and Ethnicity. Under the new guidelines, individuals may select an ethnicity and one or more races. Hispanic is defined as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race. To match Federal reporting guidelines, all who select Hispanic will be reported under this category and non-Hispanic individuals who select more than one race will be reported in the category titled, Two or More races. Those who select non-Hispanic and a single race will be reported under that race. The new definitions separate Asian, and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, however historical data reported under Asian may include Pacific Islanders.

We are currently in the process of switching our data (including historical data) to the new definitions. Race/Ethnicity Data taken from this site prior to September 2010 may not exactly match current racial/ethnic role-ups due to the new definitions. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Because head counts, hours, finances, and other elements of the University are always changing, Freezes - snapshots - are taken to use as static references

As a practice, we try to take these freezes on a consistent calendar basis (take the snapshots the same time each year).

After we freeze a set of data, we then take the time to confirm the data, and correct any errors using a consistent set of rules and practices before releasing the numbers to the general public.

The general calendar when we anticipate public release:
  • Student Freeze: November
  • Employees Freeze: October
  • Financial Freeze: August
  • Sponsored Programs Freeze: November
  • Graduate Assistants: January
  • Student Credit Hours: November, March, August (the only one where we are using full academic year)
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Excel Output (xls) Year
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Top % HS Ranking Average 2009

Animal & Veterinary Sciences182921958176018921796
Biological Sciences191,30117291173281733218386
CAFLS Dean's Office29482410365205373
Communications Studies191242430173023442748
Construction Science and Mgmt19541812261429172810
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities232932277194723532277
Dean of Health,Educ,HumanDev                202
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci1914234201102102
Food, Nutrition & Package Sci192161739215217591879
General Engineering182,657177081770218863191,111
Genetics and Biochemistry172051459146717641587
Graphic Communications211721936213323452155
Landscape Architecture1936217176306167
Materials Science&Engineering1770184            
Mathematical Sciences171181723131818271536
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt281282846353028453054
Performing Arts25483214241827102825
Philosophy and Religion255218825132510333
Physics and Astronomy22981817161621161521
Political Science252222034224122382048
Public Health Sciences19701124152813421772
School of Ag,For,Env Sciences243691752226423932379
School of Architecture172001245144212612041
School of Computing2329024512060218319101
School of Nursing111401338104314401457
Sociology and Anthropology25242614401429153618
Teacher Education184661678167917971997

HS Rank CountDepartmentHS Rank
29258609296Animal & Veterinary Sciences1819171817
1,301291328332386Biological Sciences1917171718
4810553CAFLS Dean's Office2924362037
12430304448Communications Studies1924172327
5412141710Construction Science and Mgmt1918262928
29377475377Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities2322192322
        2Dean of Health,Educ,HumanDev        20
144122Environmental Engr & Earth Sci1923201010
21639525979Food, Nutrition & Package Sci1917211718
2,6577087028631,111General Engineering1817171819
20559676487Genetics and Biochemistry1714141715
17236334555Graphic Communications2119212321
367667Landscape Architecture1921173016
704      Materials Science&Engineering1718      
11823182736Mathematical Sciences1717131815
12846304554Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt2828352830
4814181025Performing Arts2532242728
52813103Philosophy and Religion2518252533
9817161621Physics and Astronomy2218162115
22234413848Political Science2520222220
7024284272Public Health Sciences1911151317
36952649379School of Ag,For,Env Sciences2417222323
20045426141School of Architecture1712141220
290516083101School of Computing2324202119
14038434057School of Nursing1113101414
2414141518Sociology and Anthropology2526402936
46678799797Teacher Education1816161719

FALL enrollment reported to the Commission on Higher Education
This table reflects fall First Time, First Year Freshman enrollment and does not include spring/summer counts
AVG = Average Ranking

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