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Common Data Set


REVIEW DATA SET: 2000 - 2001


Year school was founded: 1889  
Environment: Suburban       Rural       Urban      
Campus size: (number of acres) 1,400  

ACT code: 3842  
CEEB code: 5111  

Religious Affiliation: No Affiliation  
Other religious specification:  
Specific Catholic affiliation:  
Number of foreign countries represented by your student population: 92  


List special programs or policies for applicants who are not normally admissable due
to academic deficiencies and/or economic disadvantages:

HEOP           EOP           Conditional admission
Other: (specify)  

Percent of freshmen that came from public schools: 90  


Choose option offered for CEEB Advanced Placement tests:

Credit only      Placement only      Credit and / or placement      Neither

Do you require the TOEFL of undergraduate international applicants whose native language is not English? Yes       No      
If yes, what is the minimum TOEFL score required? 550  


Average scores of enrolled Fall 2000 freshmen who took standardized tests:

SAT I Verbal: 575  
SAT I Math: 597  
ACT Composite: 25.0  


With which schools do you have the greatest overlap in your applicant pool?

1) University of South Carolina-Columbia  
2) College of Charleston  
3) University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill  
4) University of Georgia  
5) North Carolina State University  



Preferred School Abbrevation:
(e.g., Pennsylvania State University is PSU )
Popular School Nicknames:
(e.g., Pennsylvania State University is Penn State)
Official School Colors:
Color 1: Orange   Color 2: Royal Purple   Color 3: White   
Prominent Alumni:
Name Identification
1) Strom Thurmond US Senator
2) Jane Robelot CBS News
3) Donald Logan CEO, Time-Warner
4) John Floyd Editor, So. Living Magazine

Intercollegiate Sports Team Name: Men's: Tigers
Women's: Tigers
Team Mascot: The Tiger



Do you accept applications prepared using software from third-party vendors? Yes       No      
If yes, from whom?
Total applications received from third party vendors last year:  
Do you have your application available on your web site? Yes       No      
If yes, number of students who used the application on your web site: 1,500  
If yes, is it a web form or is it downloadable? Web Form      Downloadable      



Do you have a concurrent enrollment program for qualified high school students? Yes       No      
Percent of faculty teaching undergraduates: 95  
Percent of classes taught by graduate students: 7  


Indicate combined-degree programs offered:

BA/MD       BA/JD       BA/MA      BA/DDS      BA/MEng
Specify Engineering Program:  
Other combined - degree programs:  

Percent of graduates who pursue further study within one year: 28  
Percent of graduates who pursue graduate study in arts and sciences programs: 25  
Percent of graduates who pursue graduate study in business programs: 21  
Percent of graduates who pursue graduate study in law school: 5  
Percent of graduates who pursue graduate study in medical school: 8  


Check remedial services offered:

Math           Reading           Study skills      Writing
Do you offer non-remedial tutoring services? Yes              No
Do you offer academic counseling services? Yes              No

According to the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities, learning disabilities is
a general term that refers to a heterogeneous group of disorders manifested by significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities.


Check term that best describes LD program/services:

Minimal           Partial           Full     
Is an interview required for learning disabled students?   Yes               No           
Is an essay required for learning disabled students? Yes              No
Are untimed standardized tests accepted for learning disabled students? Yes              No
Specify any admission requirements that may be waived for learning disabled students on an individual basis:  


Contact person for information on learning disabled program/services:

Name: Ms. Bonnie Martin  
Title: Coordinator of Disability Services  
Phone: 864-656-0515  


Check special programs offered for physically disabled students:

Note-taking services           Reader services           Tape recorders       Tutors
Percent of campus that is accessible to physically disabled students:  



Do you have a campus-wide network in place? Yes       No      
If not, do you have plans to construct one? Yes       No      
Number of computer labs, classrooms, etc. that were on campus as of May 2000? 31  
Number of institutionally owned computers and workstations as of May, 2000 that were accessible by students? 1,150  
Is network access available in dorm rooms? Yes       No      
Is network access available in dorm lounges? Yes       No      
Is there a wireless campus WAN? Yes       No      
Can students call up to get their e-mail and use the web through your college's connection? Yes       No      
Is there a fee for network usage? Yes       No      
  If so, what is it? $50.00  
Do you permit student web pages? Yes       No      
Do you provide student web pages? Yes       No      
Are there rules or guidelines regarding student web pages? Yes       No      
  If so, please describe      
Is there a formal policy on e-mail? Yes       No      
  If so, please describe      
Are there hate speech and/or acceptable use rules on e-mail/USENET? Yes       No      
  If so, please describe      
Is USENET feed offered? Yes       No      
   If so, is it offered fully or partially? Full       Partial      
Do you have any alliances or partnerships with technology companies? Yes       No      
  If so, please describe      
Do you offer undergraduate online degree programs? Yes       No      
  If so, please describe      
Do you offer online courses? Yes       No      
  If so, please describe      
Can students register for classes online? Yes       No      
Can any administrative functions (besides course registration) be performed online? Yes       No      
  If so, please describe     Most student services and some employee services  
Percent of publicly accessible (i.e. in common area, such as computer labs, libraries, etc.) are PCs:  
Percent of publicly accessible (i.e. in common area, such as computer labs, libraries, etc.) are Macs: 0  
Percent of publicly accessible (i.e. in common area, such as computer labs, libraries, etc.) are UNIX:  
Do you have a guideline promoting and/or requiring computers/computing resources for undergraduates? Yes       No      
Do you require computer instruction or proficiency for undergraduates? Yes       No      
Do you recommend an operating system to the exclusion of others? Yes       No      

   If yes, please specify

Macintosh       UNIX       Windows 3.x       Windows 95      
Other:         None      


Which of the following Operating Systems do you support?

Macintosh       UNIX       Windows 3.x       Windows 95      
Do you require that undergraduates own computers? Yes       No      
If so, do you recommend laptops or desktop machines? Laptop       Desktop      
Percent of undergraduates that own computers?  
Do you have a special pricing, discount, or resale agreement with hardware vendors? Yes       No      
If so, please list them. Gateway, Dell  
Do you have a usage or lab fee for computer usage on campus for undergraduates? Yes       No      


Number of registered organizations: 265  
Number of honor societies: 22  
List museums and other special academic buildings/equipment on campus: The South Carolina Botanical Gardens, the Campbell Geology Museum, the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, the Rudolph Lee Art Gallery, The Garrison Livestock Arena, The John C. Calhoun Home  
Number of social sororities on campus: 15  
Number of social fraternities on campus: 25  
Number of campus-based religious organizations: 16  
Do you provide assistance in the location of off-campus housing? Yes       No      
If you require students to live in dorms, for how many years must student reside? 1  


Check services in career placement center:

Alumni services
Career/job search classes
Interest inventory
Are on-campus job interviews available in the career placement center? Yes       No      


Check additional services offered:

Health service
Women's Center


Check counseling services offered:

Birth Control
Non-traditional student
Minority student



Financial aid office phone: 864-656-2280  
Average amount of each freshman scholarship/grant package: $4,357.00  
Average amount of each freshman loan package: $3,673.00  
Average amount undergraduates earned per year from part-time on-campus work (1999-2000) (not including College Work-Study Program): $1,325.00  
Do you participate in the Federal Work-Study Program (CWSP)?: Yes       No      
Is institutional employment, other than CWSP, available? Yes       No      


Part-time off-campus employment opportunities for undergraduates are:

Excellent       Good       Fair       Poor      

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our Fact Book, please contact the OIR office

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Last Revised: February 5, 2008

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