Cyberbullying as bad as traditional bullying

Despite a dramatic increase in public awareness and anti-bullying legislation nationwide, the prevalence of bullying is still one of the most pressing issues facing our nation's youth. Read more here.

"Bullying in US schools: 2013 Status Report"

A whitepaper related to Bullying in US Schools has been published and is available for download here.

"Anti-bullying video turning heads"

( An anti-bullying video created by a Carroll High School student will soon compete against 15 others at the national Teen Video Awards show in California.(read more here)

"Students' Anti-bullying message to hit billboards"

(,also on, -- Bullying is discussed often at Patrick Henry Middle School, but thanks to the creative skills of two students, the issue will be 35 feet in the air and 25 feet wide for all in Sioux Falls to see..(read more here)

"NFL Incident Shines Light on Bullying at Work"

( -- Reports of disharmony on the Miami Dolphins football team have reminded many Americans not only that bullying extends beyond school playgrounds, but also that victims come in all sizes.(read more here)

“It's not being a man defending bullying in NFL..."

(The Denver Post) -- News broke that a Miami Dolphins player was incessantly bullied by a teammate, and some people's reaction was — the player isn't a victim, he's a soft wimp who needs to man up. That's B.S. — bully sympathizing .(read more here)

“Bulling among boys easily dismissed?

(CNN) -- At the end of first grade, 7-year-old Cameron Hale, an easy-going, cheerful little boy from a tiny rural town in western Washington, suddenly didn't want to go to school anymore.(read more here)

“Bullying in US Schools: 2012 Status Report” was released

On October 22, 2013, “Bullying in US Schools: 2012 Status Report” was released. This report presents a “snapshot” of the nature and prevalence of bullying among 3rd-12th graders in U.S. Schools, based on a sample of 20,000 students.(read more here)

A bully-free campaign: Longfellow program focuses on teaching tolerance

When it comes to being bully-free, Longfellow Elementary School is in it together. Walk through the hallways of the elementary school this week and you will find students sporting their Longfellow Lions school colors or perhaps dressing up as their favorite superhero to emphasize the fact that bullying will not be tolerated in their school.(read more here)

Funnyman Chris Rock Is Serious About Parenting

Chris Rock has built a career mining his childhood in New York City. But the Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian has a new perspective now that he's raising kids of his own. He opens up about bullying, helicopter parents, and why he hasn't had a PB&J in years.(read more here)