Trainer/Consultant Recertification

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Recertification is required of all fully certified OBPP Trainer/Consultants (including Olweus Technical Assistance Consultants) every three years to keep pace with new bullying prevention research, OBPP training modifications and OBPP model expansion.

How does the recertification process work?

A list of online recertification modules can be found on the Trainers Only section of our website (OBPP Recertification Tab). Successful completion of 20 units is required for recertification. An assessment follows each online module; trainers must complete the assessment with 80% accuracy. In addition to the online units, credit may be earned for attendance at Olweus Trainer Day at IBPA and meetings of an Olweus Trainers' state network where pre-approval is obtained by OBPP State Leaders before the event is held.

What is the cost and length of recertification period?

The cost of recertification for trainers is $375. This includes access to all online units and a Certificate sent from Clemson upon verification completion of the 20 units. Recertification lasts for three years from the date noted on the Certificate.

What do I need to do to initiate and complete the recertification process?

  1. 1. Visit our CU Marketplace link in order to pay and register for recertification.

  2. 2. After your payment is processed through CU Marketplace, Lydia Arneson will receive automatic notification of your payment and registration. Within 5 business days, you will receive an email notification from with a user name, a temporary password, and a link to the online system.

  3. 3. Online, you will have access to a video tutorial, which will provide information you need to navigate the website and complete your recertification. If you have technical difficulties, please contact us at

  4. 4. Please print out and save a copy of each “certificate of completion” as proof of your successful completion of each module.

  5. 5. Upon completion of 20 units, please send to Lydia Arneson: (a) a completed “OBPP Trainer/Consultant Recertification Record” (available on the Trainer Only portion of the website), and (b) a copy of each online module “certificate of completion.” Upon verification of completion of 20 units, a new certificate of OBPP certification will be mailed to you.

  6. 6. If you have any questions about the logistics of the recertification process, please do not hesitate to contact Lydia Arneson, or 864-656-6712.

Note: Even after you are recertified, it is important that you continue to submit Progress Reports for all school committees that you train.