Online Education Programs

Course Review and Support Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Am I required to get approval for my online course?
      In the near future, Clemson Online will provide all faculty members with a required course review and support process before online course content goes “live.” The anticipated program will “grandfather” in current online courses for a reasonable and limited period of time.

    2. When and how will I find out about course review requirements?
      When the Clemson Online course review & support opportunities are made available (anticipated to begin Fall 2013), faculty members and department/program chairs will be contacted about requirements, availability, and scheduling.

    3. Why do I need special consideration for my online courses?
      Online course facilitation requires special pedagogical and technological considerations. Clemson Online’s course review and support process will be designed to ensure that all online content and facilitation meets Clemson’s current high educational standards while taking into account the unique features, opportunities, and challenges of new online environments.

    4. Who should I contact if I have questions/concerns about the course review and support process?
      Clemson Online is open to all inquiries regarding our course review and support processes (Contact Us). Please also consider sharing your interests with your colleagues on the Faculty Advisory Board as they help guide the new initiative.